Closet Strategy: Romper

Today I want to try styling my romper in different ways. When these first became popular I was kind of repulsed by them because they reminded me of onesies that babies wear. Now that I've found one that is super comfortable and cute-looking to boot, I wanted to maximize the wears I get on this. So here are some ways to wear the romper:

Outfit 1: Fall Ready

Currently...(Vol. 6)

Hi all!!

So I totally made plans to do an Independence Day post yesterday but I accidentally spilled coffee on the outfit I was planning to wear and I didn't think of a red-white-and-blue backup. I'd rather have no post than a half-hearted post so I didn't put anything up. That said, I hope you all had a lovely Fourth of July and for those who don't live in the States, I hope you had a great Friday! I actually went to go see the fireworks - the nice thing about living in the Nation's Capital is that we get some spectacular fireworks every year.


Movie Night: Orange is the New Black Season 2

I know I have mentioned my love for Orange is the New Black several times on the blog and you guys are probably sick of hearing it again but I can't help it - it's just an amazing series. When the second season came out, I was immediately obsessed. My whole experience after finishing it can only be described by this Buzzfeed article.