Movie Night: Orange is the New Black Season 2

I know I have mentioned my love for Orange is the New Black several times on the blog and you guys are probably sick of hearing it again but I can't help it - it's just an amazing series. When the second season came out, I was immediately obsessed. My whole experience after finishing it can only be described by this Buzzfeed article.

For fans of the first season, I can say the the second season does not disappoint and definitely lives up to the hype. It starts off right where it left off - the consequences of Piper Chapman beating up Pensatucky were apparently time in SHU. She is shipped off to testify against her old girlfriend, Alex Vause.

The second season delves into the past of some of the other characters we came to fall in love with in the first season. Poussey's story will break your heart. Morello's story will shock and awe. Taystee's story will make you melt. Crazy Eyes' story will make you cry and laugh. Also, you will hate Vee with a passion.

I know that this isn't the most insightful reviews but honestly, you have to watch the first season to truly understand where I am coming from. Orange is the New Black
is more than a story about female prisoners - it's a story about women. Women in power, women without power, women who are misunderstood. It's a beautifully moving story that will make you feel a whole range of emotions. Watch the second season - It's absolutely perfect!


  1. I recently went on an Orange is the New Black binge and watched all 2 seasons in a week (oops), but it was just so amazing. I love how they tell us the back story to one of the characters each episode, and the fact that the story is only about women (and not just about women falling in love) because you definitely do not see enough of that nowadays!

    Yige || Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  2. I haven't started season 2 yet, but I've heard good things! It sounds like there is more of the backstories this season?? Those were definitely my favorite parts of the first season!

  3. Can you believe I haven't seen Orange is the New Black yet? I should totally catch up because everyone seems to love it!


  4. I been hearing great raves about this show and never watch it. Now I just have to sit down and start from the very beginning. I hope this is like Walking Dead that I actually like after watching few episodes. Thanks for stopping by my blog again.


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  6. Heard so much about Orange is the New Black but I've never watched it, haha. I'll definitely look into it when I'm bored ^^

    Chic Nikkie

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  8. I haven't seen this series yet, but I've heard so much about it! Too bad Netflix doesn't work in Germany, haha.

  9. This show looks funny! I love a good comedy series ;) I'll be sure to check this out thanks to you!! ;)

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  10. Such a fantastic show! I just finished season 2 and loved every minute of it! Great post :)

  11. Ah! I thought I was the only one obsessed with this show!! When it came out I took the weekend off and watch all of season I can't even wait for season three!!! Giveaway on the blog. Come check it out.


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