7 Travel Essentials

Happy Saturday, everyone!

I am currently making my way to New York to see one of my good friends! Since DC to New York isn't too far away, I decided to take a Megabus out so I can relax and not worry about gas or driving ($25 each way - can't beat that!) Lucky for me, the bus I'm taking has wifi so I am currently scheduling my blog posts for the week. It also inspired me to write a post on some of the things I find to be absolutely essential for a road trip:

Travel Essentials
  • Camera Phone: I like to take pictures of the scenery along the way. I'm taking what's called the "Chinatown Bus" - these buses stop at Chinatowns in DC, Pennsylvania, and finally, New York - that's gotta make for some interesting Instagram pics!
  • iPad/Tablet: I don't like carrying a big bulky laptop nor a ton of books for the ride so my iPad Mini has been a lifesaver. I always make sure to download a few movies to watch (in case the wifi isn't reliable) and a few books on the Kindle App to read. 
  • Snacks: This kind of goes without saying but a roadtrip is nothing without unhealthy and delicious snacks. I made sure to grab as much Flaming Hot Cheetohs, gummy bears, and Pepsi I could physically stomach for the way over. 
  • Hand Lotion: I have a weirdly compulsive need to make sure my hands are moisturized at all times. I like to carry Aveeno's hand cream with me for the occasion. 
  • Blanket: You know that annoying person in the office complaining that it's too cold when everyone else is hot and wants the air conditioning blasting as low as it can? I'm that whiner. I learned to just take a blanket with me on road trips to avoid the death glares when I ask to turn the air off. 
  • Spare clothes: I'm pretty accident-prone and I always end up spilling something on my clothes somehow (especially on a bumpy road trip). I make sure to bring an extra dress so I can change into something
So there you have it - my seven roadtrip essentials. What are some of the things you take with you when you travel? Also, I'll be posting all weekend on Instagram. If you'd like to follow me on my adventure in New York City, follow me here and join my #adventurenyc 


  1. I've heard infinite good things about the mega bus! And that's certainly an affordable rate. I always forget to pack spare clothes, although it's less forget and more avoid because I'm too lazy lol. Have fun in the city!


  2. I definitely have to bring lotion with me on trips. Airplanes can get so dry!

  3. I would definitely add chargers to the list, because what's the point of having phone or camera if the battery is empty, right? :)
    I usually pack way to many things that I actually need, even if I am going away for the weekend I will pack as many outfits as possible! :D


  4. A comfy blanket it a must - I take mine everywhere I go!


  5. 100% with you on the snacks - they're the best part of any road trip!!

    Em x Hmm maybe...

  6. this is very similar to what I would bring while traveling. I only wish I was traveling more! hehe


  7. I agree with you 100% on the snacks and hand cream. I always need to bring hand cream and have to make sure that my hands are moisturized at all times too!


  8. I hope you had a great weekend in NYC! I've never taken the megabus, though I always hear how convenient and inexpensive it is! Packing extra clothes with you is such a good idea- I tend to spill things on me too!

  9. I hope you had fun in NYC!!! It's one of the best cities to explore and their Chinatown is so amazing! The food and the smells get me every time (and we have a pretty great Chinatown in Toronto).

    Looking forward to seeing your posts!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  10. Hope you had a great trip and fun in NYC! :)

    I agree with a lot of your choices - although I tend to take a big, blanket like scarf instead of a blanket. That way it gets worn at my destination too, and helps me look kinda put-together during travel! But I am a bit of a scarf addict, haha.

    So cool that the bus has wifi!

    Away From The Blue


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