Jargon | Pink Peplum and Navy Shorts

Happy Saturday everyone!

I am definitely guilty of using a lot of political and campaign jargon in my personal life. It's not that big of a deal when I'm with friends who also work in politics but one of my best friends works in an entirely different field and I know she probably understands only about half of the things I talk about. We recently met up for coffee and she mentioned to me that she was afraid I thought she was stupid for not understanding political lingo. Absolutely not true at all! It really reminded me to cool it with the jargon and be a bit more sensitive towards people who may not necessarily share my obsession. 

Do you ever get caught up in industry lingo?

Top: H&M
Bottoms: Forever 21 shorts
Accessories: Forever 21 belt, Bershka bag (as a clutch), Forever 21 sunnies, H&M bracelets, Francesca's bracelets, Geneva watch
Shoes: Kate Spade wedges


  1. That peplum shirt looks so pretty! I can kind of relate to what you mean about the industry jargon. I guess if you spend your whole day at work and spend a lot of time with people who work in the same industry you get used to using a jargon.


  2. BEAUTIFUL OUTFIT <3 I loveeeee your watch so much, I really want it! Elegant and amazing as always <3 xxxx

  3. i love it, i am a big fan of peplum and this is my kind of outfit.



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