Autumn Maxi | Chambray Shirt and Maxi Dress

Windy Wednesday!

I looked back at the blog and noticed that a lot of my posts are about the weather. I didn't realize how boring I was! I can't help it, though - my outfits are really just a reaction to how hot or cold it is outside. Like today, for example. It's Autumn and unseasonably warm. Not "Summer" warm, but warmer than it usually is this time of year. What do I reach for? My maxi dress, of course, with a pair of boots. Add on a chambray shirt and a leather belt for seasonal touches and you get this outfit right here that I wore for a coffee date. 

What factors help you decide what to wear in the mornings?

Top: Forever 21 chambray shirt
Dress: Francesca's Collections (similar here)
Accessories: Stradivarius belt (similar here), Zara bag
Shoes: Asos boots (similar here)


  1. I didn't notice either (about the posts and weather) so no worries, you're not boring!! I always love your posts anyway. It's great inspiration, even without the weather factor, haha! This was a cute way to incorporate a maxi-skirt into a fall type of look.. I do have one maxi skirt, maybe it's time I break it out and give this a shot??

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

  2. I love this, still has a summer vibe to it but perfect for Autumn! Purple suits you so much!

  3. Obsessed with this look, so so pretty and feminine!

  4. Wow, the color of that dress is so pretty! Love it on you.


  5. Beautiful skirt!


  6. I absolutely love the rich and vibrant colour of that maxi! Such a welcome change from grey autumn outfits.


  7. That maxi dress looks beautiful styled as a skirt! I really like purple and blue together too, so wonderful pairing with the chambray shirt! :)

    I find myself talking about the weather a lot too, haha! But it helps explain why you're wearing what you're wearing, as you said. I find that interesting to read actually, the reasons and process behind how an outfit comes together :)

    Away From The Blue

  8. That lilac maxi looks so wonderful!! I am in love with this look <3

  9. The purple is so pretty- and I love how fallish it looks with the the chambray shirt!

  10. I love the color of that skirt. It looks so pretty on you!


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