Jumpsuit | Black and White and a Pop of Blue

Wondrous Wednesday lovelies!

I think taking fashion risks goes hand-in-hand with having a personal style blog which is the thought I had in mind when purchasing this jumpsuit. Like the romper, I never really thought of myself as a jumpsuit kind of girl. Being on the shorter side (I'm 5 foot 3), I had a hard time finding jumpsuits that fit. I really liked that not only were the legs the perfect size, it looks like it's two pieces so it's easier to wear.
Actually, funny story about the jumpsuit - I decided to wear it to work with a blazer. Everything was going fine and people gave me a lot of compliments! Then, I remembered that I had a bladder that needed to be drained throughout the day... did not think that one through... I ended up just going but using my blazer to cover the sliver of openings in the bathroom stalls. I guess if I had to give anyone advice on jumpsuits, I'd say maybe don't wear them to work unless you have a private bathroom haha.

Thanks for reading!

Jumpsuit: Forever 21
Accessories: Juicy Couture clutch (similar here)
Shoes: Forever 21 shoes


  1. I love this kind of looks so simple yet so effortless chic! :) oh and the pop of blue really gave it that special detail!


  2. Beautiful look on you.



  3. I never would have thought that was a F21 jumpsuit, but then again I'm not surprised because I've found some really great pieces there! You look fabulous, and I agree with the bathroom issue, can make things a wee bit difficult.
    An awesome look though. I think it's safe to say that you CAN rock a jumpsuit! Hope you have a great day!
    Xo Amanda | http://sansscrubs.blogspot.com

  4. You look so chic!! Love the blue shoes!


  5. That is such a cute jumpsuit! I don't own a jumpsuit because I'm also very short and haven't found one yet that fits me. Maybe I just have to keep looking. This one looks amazing on you!


  6. If you didn't tell me this was a jumpsuit I would have guessed it was 2 pieces! I think it looks wonderful on you and you are right it is hard to find one that fits right! I am your height and I have not found the right one for me yet. That is an interesting problem with the bathroom, I never would have thought of that! LOL! Love the blue shoes with the classic black and white!


  7. Fabulous romper.Love how you styled it with blue shoes!

  8. effortless elegance! love the touch of blue!

    a possible fantasy
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  9. I wouldn't have guessed this was a jumper, but a top and bottom. I LOVE IT on you!! No way would I have guessed that you were only 5'3" either. Quite a flattering fit. AND THOSE SHOES. I feel like I've seen them before. I love them, and always will. The color is just phenomenal!!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

  10. wow such a sophisticated look and you look good in jumpsuit. You can totally rock it esp that you are way taller than me. I am only 4'11. Very flattering on you and that pop of color is the icing on the cake.


  11. I love the romper on you!! I didn't think it was one piece until I read the caption on Instagram!

    I actually think this makes you look tall and slim....and I just assumed you were taller than 5'3" anyway!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  12. It looks perfect on you! So polished :)
    But we really have to admit that it makes going to the bathroom a lot harder xD

  13. Too chic and LOVE the blue shoe, babe!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  14. You look amazing! But yeah that's the worst part about rompers/jumpsuits, they're literally impossible to go to the bathroom easily in haha.


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