Writer's Block | Oversized Blazer and High Waisted Shorts

Superb Sunday everyone!

I had a bad case of writer's block the other day while attempting to schedule a few blog posts. After my realization of my love of talking about the weather (I promise I'm not this boring in real life...kinda), I had a burst of creativity that overwhelmed me. It's like, I feel so creative that I don't feel creative anymore... does that make sense?

Do you guys have any tips to overcome writer's block?

Top: H&M blazer (similar here), Forever 21 shirt (similar here)
Bottoms: H&M shorts (similar by BB Dakota and super cute here)
Accessories: Forever 21 socks, Forever 21 satchel (similar here)
Shoes: Payless oxfords (similar here)


  1. This is so adorable! I absolutely love the blazer with the high socks.


  2. I have the same thing sometimes. It's like there are too many ideas, you don't know how to verbalize them. Anyways, hopefully you get over this little bump in the road. And cute socks ;)


  3. Love this outfit! I wish I could pull off thigh high socks- they look perfect with the shorts!

  4. I definitely get days like that!

    But loving those thigh high socks - you really rock them.

    Em | Hmm Maybe...

  5. This is the CUTEST outfit EVER. I love it!! I also love the oxford heels, I have a very similar pair in black and every time I wear them I get uber compliments!! As for writer's block, I have it a lot while planning posts. I feel like when I sit down and start to plan, I get overwhelmed and it's just game over. I now write when I feel like writing and plan when I'm motivated to plan. LOL does that make sense? Who knows.

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

  6. YOU LOOK SO ADORABLE DEBORAH! this is my new fave outfit of yours. kinda reminds me of ariana grande :) i get writers block everytime i try to write my blog, my way of coping up with it is to keep reading blogs from my favorite people cause they inspire me :)


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