Six Cublicle Essentials

I think most of us spend most of our weeks at a work setting of some sort (or a school setting if you're not working). This got me thinking of some of the things I find necessary for me to be on hand at my desk. As someone who as been gainfully employed in various office settings for the past three years, I've put together a list of six essential items that is sure to be helpful for many women in the workforce:

Cublicle Essentials

Playing with Colors | Burgundy Sweater and Navy Trousers

So I think I'm going to start an annual tradition on the blog - Professional Outfits Month, where I wear business/business casual outfits. I think a lot of my readers are young professionals or about to enter the workforce and I think dressing for the job can be a bit tricky. Luckily I have experience dressing for various office settings. From the formal Capitol Hill office to the casual campaign office, every business setting has different dress codes and clothing culture and I want to help you guys navigate through the masses of black and white. So first up on the chopping block is an outfit featuring one of my favorite Autumn color combinations - burgundy and navy. 

October According to Instagram

Hello everyone!

As you are reading this, I am making my way to Ann Arbor, Michigan for a business trip! It's my very first business trip ever and I'm excited to travel for my company! I will certainly try to take as many pictures as I can (though looking at my schedule for the week, it doesn't seem like I'll have much time to do much sight-seeing). I've also scheduled a few posts for the week - November will mark the return of my "work-outfits" series! I'm pretty excited for this as I've been planning these looks for the past year!

Here is what Instagram says my October looked like: