Book Club: An Ideal Husband

Happy Tuesday lovelies!

This month, I read a play by Oscar Wilde. Victorian sexism aside, I've always found the wit of that era to be absolutely enchanting and I found myself highlighting a lot of the banter on my Kindle so I can have a ready retort if I'm ever in a situation that calls for it (I know, I'm a nerd. At least I'm a nerd with a witty Victorian retort :P ). 
An Ideal Husband chronicles a period of time involving four central characters: Mrs. Cheverey, a larger-than-life woman with her wits about her and a penchant for trouble, Lord Chiltern, a politician with a reputation for high moral character and a secret past, Lord Goring, a fine example of the epitome of Victorian dandy, and Lady Chiltern, a strict, moral woman who's ideals are hard to match. 

I know that Oscar Wilde wrote the play as a way to talk about blackmail and forgiveness for past transgressions and the story does an excellent job of curtailing just that - I recommend this to anyone who is fond of quick-witted characters with a whole lot of charm


  1. I've read everything Oscar Wilde wrote- twice. I was thinking about buying that collected volume of his but I already own most of his plays so I decided I can borrow it from a library anyway- If I want a third read....but really the plays were his strong can always reread them...and this case the film version wasn't that bad.


Thank you for your comments! I read every single one :]