Christmas Care Package

My best friend Jen and I have this tradition: Every year we send each other a care package full of small trinkets and things we think the other may need for Christmas/the winter holidays. We started this because we were far away from each other for a while and couldn't hang out together like we used to so we decided to get creative. I know it seems weird that I'm sharing what I am sending her before I send it to her (because she actually reads this blog) but we're weird people - we hate surprises. In fact, she and I are a big fan of movie/book spoilers (I know, weird) so care package spoilers are no biggies for us.

  • Forever 21 candle: I thought the Eiffel Tower picture on this candle was really pretty. Jen can't smell very well which I know makes her a bit paranoid about how her rooms smells. I can't think of anyone who would appreciate these more than her.
  • Mug with candy: I bought these separately but isn't the sweater design of the mug so cute? I certainly think so!
  • Book of Insults and Comebacks: I know I'm a super-nerd for doing this but whenever I hear a witty insult or comeback, I go and write it down in my notebook (so I'll always be with a ready retort). Jen and I often discuss awesome ways to put awful people in their place so I knew this book would be right up her alley!
  • Hand Lotion: Jen currently lives in a colder part of the country and I know how chapped a girl's hands can get from all that windchill. Lucky for her, I got her covered! This L'Occitane hand lotion is seriously the best and I believe that Jen deserves nothing but the best :]
  • 'Egghead' by Bo Burnham: Jen and I are huge fans of Bo Burnham - he's so witty and funny and completely vulgar! He wrote a book of poetry and as Jen hasn't read it yet, I find it my duty to present her with this book! 
  • Passive-Aggressive Notes: I find notes from Knock-Knock absolutely hilarious! Jen is one of the most direct people I know so I know she'd get a kick out of these "passive-aggressive" notepads. So funny!


  1. Aww these are perfect! I love the book and the tradition is so cute and sweet! :)

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  2. This is such a sweet care package! I'm not big on surprises, and definitely see it more as a way of being excited for what's coming in the mail :) Love that hand cream- I've tried one of the other scents in the past and really liked it!

  3. Aww what a cute little care package! So sweet that everything is so useful and will be enjoyed by your friend!

    I like little presents like this - it doesn't have to be all about big expensive gestures, it's the thought that counts :) You and your friend are very lucky to have this gift exchange for each other :)

    Away From The Blue

  4. Aw this is such a cute idea!! I'd love to receive a package like this! you're so thoughtful. I just discovered your blog and LOVE it!! Now following you xx

    Thrive on Novelty

  5. I love the sassiness found in this care package ;) And good going with the hand lotion, they are an absolute must for cold and dry winters!


  6. This is the cutest, sweetest little tradition! I can see myself working this out with one of my close friends. We love this kind of stuff. That is so funny that you both hate surprises! Well, you picked some great stuff!!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva


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