Cold Weather Essentials

With another polar vortex slated to hit the east coast this year I started stocking up on my cold weather gear. I think anyone who lives anywhere that's actually cold will say the following things are a necessity when temperatures start going below freezing: 

Cold Weather Essentials

  • Thick Coat: This is obviously a given but let me break it down by material so for those of you who are building a new winter wardrobe can get an idea of what to look for when investing in a coat:
    • Wool blends are always a great option - they're very good at keeping its shape and won't absorb moisture (like pure wool coats) while still keeping you very warm.
    • Down coats are the warmest, though not necessarily the chicest. They do an amazing job of insulating heat evenly and are usually waterproof and windproof. 
  • Gloves: I used to have a love-hate relationship with gloves. While I like keeping my hands warm, I hated having to take them off whenever I wanted to access something on my phone. Luckily, they started coming out with these awesome gloves where the index fingers and the thumbs are touchscreen compatible! No more cold fingers!
  • Scarf: I love me some gorgeous scarves!! My current favorite is this leopard print infinity scarf from LouLous - they seriously go with everything!
  • Hat: Hats are the best - they keep my hair dry and protect it from frizz on those cold rainy days. I like beanies for their casual laid-back aesthetic but there's something classic about a structured wool hat.
  • Earmuffs: One drawback to the hat, though is that it sometimes gives me hat-hair. If it's not raining or snowing outside, I just forgo my hats altogether and settle for keeping my ears warm instead. 
  • Boots: When shopping for boots, look for ones made of sturdy material that is waterproof and at least knee-length to protect you from rain, slush, and wind. I've been lusting after these Hunter boots! What a classic! 
  • Tights/Leggings: If you're a dress/skirt kind of girl like me, these fleece-lined leggings and tights are a must! They keep your legs so warm without adding too much bulk. 


  1. Im in love with the bow gloves! They are so cute ^^


  2. I don't live in a place that cold and I wear all of those :p I don't know what I would do somewhere else xD

  3. earmuffs are so cute and stylish but when I wear them I always have problems hearing what people are saying to me...I remember my first earmuffs well, a boyfriend of the time bought them for me ( we were both 15) but I gave them up because of the stated reason. I need my talks while I'm walking:)

    Anyhow, I do agree about all of these... the selection you made is very visually appealing<3

  4. I still need some Hunter boots :)

  5. I'm *always* on the hunt for a great coat, but my main gripe with the most of them is that they're not much thicker than a sweater! Yet they cost around $300. How do you want me to survive the Midwest wearing nonsense like that?! Which is why I wear two coats haha. I wear a long wool one on the outside (because it's pretty) and then I have a small puffy one on the inside. Survival skills ;)

    xo marlen
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    1. That is such a great idea!! Seriously, it gets so cold out here sometimes you gotta get a little MacGyver with the styling haha

  6. Wow these are perfect!! I especially love the hat and boots! :)

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  7. we love all these picks, but our favourite has to be the felt hat!

    M + K

  8. Although it does get really cold here I do agree with your scarves and boots recommendation - they are great pieces when it gets even a little chilly! :)

    Hope you stay cosy and warm!

    Away From The Blue

  9. I love these picks! Really love the bow on the gloves and the hunter boots, a must have for winter

    Kiki Simone


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