Currently...(Vol. 8)

It's the end of another week and boy has it been a long one! Since we have the holidays coming up, I've been on intense-work mode trying to get everything done before the office closes for two weeks. But enough of that, here are the things I'm enjoying currently:


  • Watching: Drunk History - My friend recommended this show to me but I never got around to watching it until recently. I'm beating myself up for that because this show is hilarious!! I'm a big history buff so these inebriated re-tellings of historical events have had me in stitches! I even learned a thing or two from the show, like the Scopes Monkey Trial. I had never heard of it before but I looked it up after hearing about it on the show (I mean, these comedians aren't exactly the most reliable sources, as entertaining as their retellings are. They're drunk, after all!)
  • Wearing: Sole Society Jenn pumps - After my leopard flats fell apart, I was on the hunt for a new pair of leopard shoes. I knew I wanted a pair of pointy-toe heels (seriously, I can use all the height I can get) and I knew I wanted it in a d'orsay style because they look gorgeous! I love how comfortable these are - the heels aren't too high (2.5 inches) so it doesn't look obscene in more conservative environments and the print goes with pretty much everything. I do wish the heel were a tad higher but overall this has been my go-to pair of shoes as of late.
  • Reading: Texts from Jane Eyre by Mallory Ortberg - I got this book as a gift from Jen in our Christmas care package exchange. It's a quick read but it's absolutely hilarious! I'm a book lover so just thinking about what some of my favorite literary characters would say if they had cell phones is a weirdly funny concept. To see it written out in all its witty glory was an interesting read to say the least. 
  • Drinking: Nutella Latte - As someone who isn't too big on chocolate, I can take a small dose of Nutella every once in a while. I saw that they had Nutella lattes on the menu at my local coffee shop and ohmygoodness these are so delicious! 
  • Listening: Michael Buble Christmas album - Ok, I know, this is totally basic, but I can't help but listen to this album! Michael Buble has such a smooth jazzy voice that I adore listening to and it's perfect for the season. 
  • Eating: Hanaro Sushi in Bethesda - A friend and I ate here recently and it's quite delicious! 


  1. Nutella Latte!! OMG YUM! I love those shoes too, they're gorgeous. Christmas just isnt Christmas without michael buble's carols playing in our house :) xx

    Thrive on Novelty

  2. Cool post! The sushi looks so yummy!! I love the leopard heels!


  3. Omg Drunk History sounds amazing. I'll have to recommend this to my boyfriend.

    :] // ▲ ▲

  4. You're office is closing for two weeks? Lucky you :o

    That Nutella LAtte seems delicious :D

  5. Yummy drink!



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