My Favorite Holiday Movies

Since I have the next two weeks off from work, I decided it's the perfect time to break out the holiday classics while lounging around in my pajamas and a face mask. 
  • Love, Actually: Ahh, the ever-classic British film! I'm not going to give a redundant synopsis of the film here since you can find that pretty much anywhere (and seriously, if you don't know what the movie is about you should just watch it because it's fantastic!) I will say that this is a great movie to play a drinking game with: If you quote a line accurately, everyone else has to drink BUT the last person to quote a line accurately must refill everyone's glasses. Much fun all around!
  • Home Alone (1 and 2): I seriously loved these two movies as a kid and to this day I still love anything by John Hughes. I think a part of me always wanted to be as clever as Kevin McAlister and be able to outsmart a pair of grown men the same way he did. Well, now that I am a "grown-up" (heh) I wouldn't be surprised if I were outsmarted by a kid like Kevin. 
  • Nightmare Before Christmas: Tim Burton films are either a hit or miss for me but I remember how much this movie captivated me as a kid. I don't think I ever saw a movie quite like this - the stop-motion animation, the music, the storyline itself. It was just something new and interesting and definitely the work of a creative genius. 
  • Elf: This movie, like pretty much any other movie Will Ferrell is in, is so silly and ridiculous but you can't help but laugh out loud! Will Ferrell is pretty much an overgrown kid so a role like "Buddy the Elf" fits him like a glove. 
  • Frozen: I know everyone and their mothers loves this film and I'm going to sound so basic but oh man, is this film sooo good! The songs are catchy and cute and just... gah! Love it so much. 
What are some of your favorite holiday movies?


  1. I like this! I don't really have any favorite holiday movies but I do enjoy "The Holiday" :)

  2. I must watch Frozen!!! I have been wanting too for so long!

  3. Dear Deborah, I'm so sorry, I think you know that I normally don't watch films, therefore I haven't any tip.
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena
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  4. I actually do not have a favorite holiday movie but I love to watch the The Holiday or Love, Actually. As a child I loved to watch Home Alone.

  5. Love Actually is definitely a favorite of mine too-- and the Home Alones :) I've never seen The Nightmare Before Christmas (or Frozen), but need to find it to watch.


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