What are You Doing New Years Eve? | Sequin Skirt and Trench Coat

Happy NYE lovelies!

I wore this skirt last year for New Years but I wanted to repurpose it this year for my NYE parties! This year, I'm hanging out with only a few friends, instead of a going to a big event, like I attended last year. I wanted my outfit to have some sparkle (it's New Years, after all), but still have a laid-back vibe to match my surroundings. I also got this necklace as a Christmas gift from my mom. Isn't it lovely??

I actually got the idea for this outfit from Pinterest (here's the original pin). I recently found out about some really old news in the blogging community regarding plagiarism. I want to be transparent here and work to be a part of the solution and not the problem. I have certainly been inspired by many other bloggers that I follow and comment on but as hard as I work on my blog, I know everyone else does too. I would never want to "steal" a look and benefit from someone else's creativity. If I really like an outfit and want to recreate it, I will always give credit. If you think that a look seems too familiar, please call me out on it! I encourage all constructive criticism (I work in politics, trust me, I can take it).

Happy New Years Eve!

Top: H&M shirt, H&M sweater
Bottoms: Francesca's skirt (similar by 
Forever 21)
Accessories: Tory Burch bag, New York and Co. necklace (similar from Ily Couture)
Shoes: Michael Kors (similar here)


  1. the skirt is so beautiful and i love your sweater, blouse and statement necklace combination! wishing you a very very happy new year. stay true to yourself and stylish as always. i will celebrate this day with my brother and my father. tomorrow my love will pick me up and i will stay with him in his hometown. i'm so much looking forward to next year, yes you're right - there are so many exciting things about to happen. can't wait for vienna in january. i will put the pictures onto my blog.
    thanks for your friendship. i'm glad that i got to know you!


  2. Such a pretty look! Sequins are fantastic any time, but obviously they are perfect for NYE. I love how your skirt isn't just sequins, but also has the subtle chevron pattern. Great necklace, too!

    xo, Michelle
    Neon Rattail

  3. I love this as a NYE outfit! No reason why you can't get a lot of wear out of that skirt.

    Happy New Year!!
    Something About That

  4. GORGEOUS look, perfect for a laid-back NYE!

  5. Wow! You look fab! Do you mind supports each other?! Happy New Year!


  6. Happy New Year, Deborah! I wish you all the best for the new year. Your outfit is gorgeous and I really like your necklace. What an amazing present!

  7. Wishing you a marvellous New Year :)

    Καλή Χρονιά!

  8. Such a pretty look, you really rock these ladylike outfits :)


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