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Parisienne with a Touch of New York | Striped Shirt and Midi Skirt

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12:00 PM
Astounding Wednesday, beautiful readers,

I've always been a fan of juxtaposing styles and elements of my clothing that don't necessarily "fit." Like this outfit - It's classic with a bit of edge! Something about stripes and floppy hats always reminds me of classic Paris while a trusty leather jacket is oh-so New York edge. I'm sure you also noticed I brought my beau bag out again as well - isn't she beautiful? I feel like this will be my go-to Spring/Summer bag now! I think I'm going to do a post on what I carry in it just so I can show you guys how roomy it is (for those looking to get something similar). What do you guys think?

Thanks for reading!

Top: H&M shirt (similar from Ralph Lauren), H&M jacket (similar from Forever 21)
Bottoms: H&M skirt (similar from ASOS)
Accessories: LouLou's hat, Kate Spade Beau bag
Shoes: Zara pumps (similar from Ivanka Trump)

I Heart Drugstore Makeup Tag

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12:00 PM
Hello beautiful readers,

I wanted to do something a bit different today - I found this beauty tag online and even though it's old and no one tagged me, I thought it'd be fun to do it anyway! I do not consider myself to be a beauty blogger but I'm all for affordable makeup and looking nice on a budget. I have quite a drugstore makeup collection so I thought this tag would be right up my alley. 

What is your favorite drugstore makeup brand? I would have to say NYX - affordable and the quality is amazing!

What are your favorite face, cheek and lip products?
Face: Maybelline BB Cream - pretty much saved my face this winter 
Cheek: Milani baked blush 
Lip: NYX soft matte lip cream

Least favorite product?  
Rimmel glam eyes mascara - good idea in theory but doesn't hold my straight Asian lashes :[

What is the best makeup bargain? 
Wet n Wild 'Comfort Zone' palette - $4 a pop for 8 gorgeous and very pigmented shades!

What is your favorite underdog product? (Something you love that often gets overlooked?) 
Cover Girl natureluxe gloss balm - I feel like people loved this when it first came out but I never hear anyone talking about it anymore. It's so soft and amazing and it gives just the right amount of color to my lips. Definitely a Spring go-to color!

A drugstore product that is overpriced? 
Pretty much anything by Neutrogena - their product quality isn't bad per se but it's not as good as it should be considering the price point. 

I tag everyone and anyone who wants to do this :]

Thanks for reading!

Spring in the City | Denim Jacket and Floral Skirt

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12:00 PM
Magnificent Monday, lovelies!

You know it's officially Spring when all the fashion and style bloggers start bringing out their floral print items from the back of their closet. I feel a bit guilty whenever I wear floral anything in the Spring because in the back of my mind, Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada is saying, "Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking," and rolling her eyes.
That said, I am quite pleased to be wearing this skirt. I got it while I was in college but I never really got around to wearing it for some reason. I figured now would be the perfect time to wear them as the temperatures are rising and the sun is out. 

Is there a clothing item that you always wear for Spring?

Top: H&M jacket (similar from Old Navy), Forever 21 sweater (similar here)
Bottoms: H&M skirt (similar from Forever 21)
Accessories: ASOS shopper (similar here), vintage aviators, LouLous bracelets, Forever 21 bangle, Geneva watch
Shoes: Michael Kors Caroline pumps (similar here)

Me and My Beau | Beau Bag and Navy Sweater

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8:16 PM
Spectacular Sunday, lovelies!

I know, I know, the title of this post is so very cliche and outdated. I can't help it - I am absolutely excited about my newest purchase! Allow me to introduce my Kate Spade Beau bag in "French Navy." I've been wanting a beau bag since they first came out with them BUT it came with a hefty price tag and...well with my petite frame (I'm 5'3) the big Beau bags seemed to overwhelm me. It looked like the bag was wearing me not the other way around. I was extremely pleased when they came out with the small version of these bags because these are much more manageable, if you will haha. I was determined to get it from the Kate Spade store in Georgetown but I realized they had it at the Bloomingdales in Friendship Heights. I made my way down (just to get a feel for it) but the sales associate told me that it was 30% off AND I had a $50 off coupon. Definitely paid less than $250 for this (original retail price is $398 I believe). I'm sure you can imagine how ridiculously happy I looked coming out of Bloomingdales that day. 

Thanks for reading!

Top: Lilly Pulitzer sweater (also cute)
Bottoms: Francesca's jeans
Accessories: Kate Spade Beau bag, Icing bracelet, Geneva watch, LouLou necklace, Icing wayfarers
Shoes: Steve Madden Getta pumps

Movie Night: House of Cards (Season 2)

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12:00 PM
It's no secret that I LOVED Netflix's House of Cards. The first season was absolutely amazing and I was obsessed with every detail. I think the show really hits home for me because I currently live in DC and I work in politics. In fact, I used to be an intern on Capitol Hill during my university days and I worked on a presidential campaign (I've been to the White House a few times and even the Inaugural Ball!). House of Cards is truly a show after my own heart.

It was with high expectations I tuned into the second season and boy did it not disappoint. The season opener had me gasping in disbelief and my eyes glued firmly to the screen! Every single moment was gripping and highly intelligent. It was, in a word, brilliant (and that's putting it lightly).

If you haven't seen the first season, the show is about a US Congressional Whip who seeks revenge on those who denied him an appointment to a higher post. Frank Underwood, a congressman from South Carolina, builds an intricate scheme to knock people in power out of his way so he can come out on top. He goes after his political opponents, rivals, and even those in the White House. The second season starts where the first season left off, Frank and his wife, Claire (an equally formidable woman, I might add) going for a run after he was appointed the Vice President of the United States. 

A lot of the characters that I found so interesting in the first season were completely deconstructed in the second and Frank's brilliance really shone through. I found this season to be better than the first because it really got deeper into some of the characters' backstories and you could see where Claire and Frank's motivations come from. I found a lot of scenes to be humanizing to these larger-than-life officials and the new characters that were introduced were refreshing and on-point. 

If you have time to binge-watch a show, I highly recommend House of Cards. It's not all about politics - it's about a powerful man scheming in the political sphere. 

Green | Pencil Skirt and Chambray Top

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12:00 PM
Happy St. Patrick's Day to All!

I remember when I was an intern on Capitol Hill in college, I had a good friend who got very excited about St. Patrick's Day. I could tell he wanted to wear green on that day, but working on the Hill meant that we had quite a restrictive dress code. Despite this, the other interns (including myself) promised we would wear green with him in solidarity. Well, I ended up wearing a dark hunter green cardigan over a white shirt, under a black blazer and a black skirt - still green, just very muted and more office appropriate. In fact most of the people who wore green that day wore a similar shade. Not my friend - he wore a lime green shirt with kelly green pants and a green hat. He really stood out and he was so embarrassed! "What happened to wearing green, you guys?!" he asked. I just pointed to my muted cardigan and shrugged as he slicked away in shame. Haha good times.
That said this is the outfit I'm wearing to work today - Green? Check. Office-appropriate? Check. Fun print? Double check. 

Please excuse the indoor blurry photos again - it started snowing again yesterday (SO done with winter right now!).

Top: Forever 21 top
Bottoms: Forever 21 skirt
Accessories: ASOS bag, Francesca's watch, H&M ring
Shoes: Michael Kors Caroline pumps

Out and About | Floppy Hat and Leather Leggings

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12:00 PM
Phenomenal Friday chic readers!

This has been my signature lazy-day look - leather leggings, a loose white blouse, a hat and a scarf. It's comfortable, but not sloppy, and it hides my bad hair day. I know that I can't always be on my A-Game and I'll have days where I'm a bit off, but it's comforting to have an outfit that's chic to fall back on.

What does your "lazy-day" outfit look like?

Top: Forever 21 blouse
Bottoms: Forever 21 leggings
Accessories: LouLous hat, LouLous scarf, vintage aviator sunnies, Rebecca Minkoff wallet
Shoes: Glaze by Adi sandals

Beige and White | Peplum Top and Feminine Bow

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12:00 PM
Wondrous Wednesday, lovelies!

I remember being told as a child that beige only looks good with dark colors and that mixing white with beige is a fashion no-no. Well as a style blogger, I like to challenge fashion rules and make it work for me. I think that this look works because the beige looks almost pink in both the bow and the peplum. Perhaps it's all about find the right shades?

Have a great day!

Top: H&M top, Forever 21 blazer
Bottoms: H&M shorts
Accessories: Forever 21 belt, Bershka bag
Shoes: Zara oxfords

Vest Person | Ruffled Vest and Snakeskin Accessories

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12:00 PM
Remarkable Monday, pretties!

I actually got this vest from a friend who no longer wanted it. To be honest, the frills and ruffles were a bit much, even for me. I cut off some of the ruffles on the bottom (it used to be much longer), and belted it so I  could reclaim my waistline. See, nothing a little styling can't fix :]

Tell me about some of your styling challenges - maybe I can do a closet strategy post for them in the future :]

Top: Forever 21 blouse, H&M vest
Bottoms: Forever 21 jeans
Accessories: Nine West clutch, LouLous Hat, belt is made from the strap of the clutch
Shoes: Steve Madden getta pumps

Errand Runner | Chambray Shirt and Comfy Leggings

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12:00 PM
Fabulous Friday beautiful readers!

This has been my go-to look when running errands lately. Well, maybe not the shoes, but everything else definitely. I know, I know, wearing leggings as pants is a fashion faux-pas, but I think it's perfectly fine as long as your top is long enough to cover your front and bottom (which it does in my case :P ) 

Are there any fashion rules that you break for the sake of comfort? 

Top: Forever 21 chambray top, Francesca's cardigan
Bottoms: Forever 21 leggings
Accessories: Forever 21 necklace, Rebecca Minkoff wallet
Shoes: Glaze by Adi peep toe booties

Rush Hour Calm | Striped Skirt and Bow Blouse

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12:00 PM
Wonderful Wednesday gorgeous readers!

I used to hate my morning commute - the metro is always being delayed, the trains are always crowded, and it's always noisy (city living problems). Lately though, I've been finding ways to achieve my inner calm during rush hour. I plug in my headphones, listen to some Electric Light Orchestra, and grab a book (I've been loving Paolo Coelho's books). I get transported into my own little world and everything seems peaceful and happy.

What do you do to stay calm and relaxed?

Top: H&M blouse, Forever 21 blazer
Bottoms: Forever 21 skirt
Accessories: ASOS bag, Francesca's watch, Forever 21 bracelets
Shoes: ASOS boots