7 Travel Essentials

Happy Saturday, everyone!

I am currently making my way to New York to see one of my good friends! Since DC to New York isn't too far away, I decided to take a Megabus out so I can relax and not worry about gas or driving ($25 each way - can't beat that!) Lucky for me, the bus I'm taking has wifi so I am currently scheduling my blog posts for the week. It also inspired me to write a post on some of the things I find to be absolutely essential for a road trip:

Travel Essentials


Happy Friday everyone!

It sure has been a while, hasn't it? I'm finally back and will be blogging (somewhat) regularly again. Thank you all so much for your kind words about my mother in my last post. She's doing well now and even goes to the pool regularly for her water aerobics class. She's back to her old self. She was so touched when I told her about my readers wishing her well - she told me to tell you all that she is incredibly grateful to all of you and your kindness!

I also wanted to let you guys know that I will be in New York City to visit a good friend this weekend! I have a few posts scheduled for the week and a couple of outlines for posts of my trip up. I really hope you all will enjoy them!

That's all I'm going to say for now. Thank you all for reading and stay tuned for more posts!

July According to Instagram

Hi guys,

I've been a bit MIA on social media lately and I'm going to let you guys know now my posts this week may be a bit sparse. My mom was recently admitted to the emergency room after being ill for a few days. She's back at home and doing okay now but I've been with her this week and I didn't have time to schedule too many posts.

Now that I got that out of the way, here's what my July looked like:

Product Review: Dickinson's Witch-Hazel Toner

Splendid Saturday, lovelies!

I don't consider myself a beauty blogger at all but I know how much I love knowing what kinds of makeup products other people use. After all, if it works for them, it could work for me, right? I know a lot of people feel that way so I wanted to share with you a product I've been loving - My Dickinson's Original Witch-Hazel Toner. When it comes to beauty products, I tend to look at three big things: The packaging, the formula, and the price.