Closet Shopping | Graphic Tee and Leather Leggings

Wondrous Wednesday gorgeous readers!

Every time I do a closet purge, I always find an article of clothing I forgot about - maybe I should clean my closet out more often! Since this month's Resolution Goal was to limit my spending on frivolous things (including clothes), it's nice to find something 'fresh' amongst the things I already own! I bought this t-shirt back in July but I wore it twice and it got shuffled to the bottom of my bureau and was promptly forgotten. Has that ever happened to any of you guys?

What are some 'hidden gems' in your closet?

Top: Zara tee (similar by Forever 21), Forever 21 jacket (similar here)
Bottoms: Forever 21 (similar here)
Accessories: Nine West clutch
Shoes: Sole Society


  1. I forget a lot of things in my closet!! The problem is that most of the things that make it to the bottom are actually there because I never want to wear them. Nothing I really want to wear again. I'm trying to shop with purpose this time around.. So hopefully next year when I rediscover lost goodies I'll actually want to wear them again! Ha! I love this outfit so much! The leggings are awesome!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

  2. Awsome look! One of my favourite color combos :)

  3. love the graphic tee!
    you look great!
    such a cool look:)

  4. Looking Great per usual. The weather up here was mild last week and I was able to pull out my green canvas jacket, but alas, it's back to sleet and snow up here.

    Northern Beauty

  5. I need to do more closet clean outs, but when I do I love finding forgotten pieces. The t shirt is so cute! I'm glad you found it again :)


  6. It happens the same to me!!! I love this outfit you rock Deborah!!!! The shoes are killer!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  7. Another outfit I really really like on you! Such a pretty look and I love how you paired the graphic tee and the leopard print.

  8. I love that graphic tee so much! So cute!

  9. I'm very guilty of forgetting about things I own...and actually will be sharing a new series/post next week about making sure to wear older clothes, instead of jumping to the new stuff all of the time.

    I love how edgy this look is. Perfect casual style!

    Something About That

  10. Cute shoes, you look lovely as always :)

  11. Amazing look. I especially love the shoes, I have been looking for a similar pair for ages.


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