Currently... (Vol. 11)

Can you believe that we're entering our third week of January?? Where did all the time go? Insanity, I tell you! 
I'd hate to bore you with complaints about the weather because I'm sure there are a lot of you guys who are in colder parts of the world who would kill to have a winter like ours (I told Jen about our high of 20 degrees last week and she said she was jealous. She's in Iowa and her winters consist of highs below 0 degrees Fahrenheit!) so let's just get started with my list of things I'm enjoying currently:


  • Reading: Buzzfeed's article on the solution to homelessness - this was such an interesting article to read and very eye-opening as well. I'm very interested in this issue and small village homes is a very interesting idea to combat homelessness and poverty. 
  • Listening to: Serial podcast - Have you guys heard of this? My co-worker recommended it to me recently. It's a investigative podcast about a Baltimore murder in 1999 that lead to a 'life in prison' sentence. It's a true investigative report by a journalist and the more I listen to it, the more conflicted I feel about the conviction. On one hand, the original prosecution's theory seems a bit... thin. But I can't completely say that the guy isn't guilty. It's fascinating and I highly recommend it to those who like a good crime story. 
  • Eating: GBD Chicken and Donuts in DuPont - This is an excellent place for a happy hour and chicken and donuts are just an excellent combination of food to eat. If you're in the area and feeling a bit peckish, check out GBD!
  • Watching: Galavant - I love a good musical and a Disney musical is... everything! It's so funny and silly and I really like all the celebrity cameos (John Stamos as Jean Hamm - I see what they did there!). Also, Joshua Sasse is just... so good looking. Like, distractingly good looking...
  • Wearing: Uniqlo tights - I talked about this in an outfit post and I love how warm they are! Fun fact, these are the tights that didn't rip when I tripped and fell on my way to a party! Seriously girls, if you wear skirts or dresses in the winter, these are a must-have!
  • Drinking: PG Tips tea - I found this tea at World Market because I remember liking it when I studied abroad in the UK. It's just as good as I remember! Remember to drink it with milk and no sugar for maximum Britishness :)
Thanks for reading!


  1. We listened to almost the entire Serial podcast on a road trip a few weeks ago- it's so addicting. I have no idea if he's guilty or not, but it definitely seems like such a poor investigation! Those tights sound amazing- warm tights make a huge difference with these freezing temperatures.

  2. I'm actually complining about the cold weather all the time, but I bet you're having a so much harder time with it :/


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