Downtown | Joggers and Cat Ears

Happy Monday beauties!

One of the things I love about blogging is that it encourages me to step out of my comfort-zone, style-wise. I tend to favor more feminine and whimsical styles but today I wanted to try a look inspired by street-style post on Pinterest. While I got the chambray shirt with jogging pants part down, I added some elements from my own style - a cat-ear beanie and my trusty leopard shoes!

Thanks for reading!

Top: Forever 21
Bottoms: H&M
Accessories: H&M beanie (similar here), Forever 21 wayfarers, Tory Burch bag
Shoes: Sole Society


  1. SO so obsessed. I love joggers on other people, not myself, and you pull them off so well I actually want to give them another chance on me. LOVE this look so much, I can't stop!

  2. I'm loving joggers this season too! This is such a fun, casual outfit. Of course, that cat ear beanie is insanely cute.

    Something About That

  3. Your beanie is super cute! Also looks super comfy and warm :)

  4. Woow, Deborah! You are ROCKING those jogger pants!! Love the entire outfit and I totally agree that blogging actually makes you try different outfits ;)

    Chic Nikkie

  5. Cute hat!! The bag is amazing too!


  6. I LOVE this. Your whole outfit, but still can't get enough of the cat ears and those shoes. It's hard for me to pull off joggers. I'm actually wearing some now, but not in such a fashionable way! Thanks for the inspiration! Perhaps next time I find a way to style it up.

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

  7. Blogging helps me step out of my comfort zone too :) Good thing you did because the joggers look awesome!


  8. Oh my gosh I love your hat!! The whole outfit is super cute as well and looks really comfy but also really stylish! Great post! :)

    Kendra | It's a Bug's Life

  9. You should step out of your comfort zone more often :) Simply love it :p So cute!

  10. It is so fun to step out of our comfort zones! I love this edgy chic outfit on you! The joggers are so cute! I finally bought a pair for myself in leather and you have given me some inspiration! I am totally loving the animal accessories! The shoes and hat are so sweet!



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