Printed Roses | Floral Dress and Chambray

Wonderful Wednesday lovelies!

Here's another casual Valentine's Day outfit for those still looking for inspiration! This chambray shirt has been on serious rotation since I got it - I think that it does a good job of toning down the romance of this dress (oh yeah, I'm wearing a dress under the shirt. It's not a skirt!) That's honestly my solution to turning any outfit casual - just pop a bit of denim and voila

Thanks for reading!

Bottoms Forever 21 dress worn as a skirt (similar here)
Accessories: H&M clutch (similar here)
Shoes: Zara (similar here)


  1. I struggle with the chambray over dress look, as it always ends up being bulky on me. But this works so well! I honestly thought it was a skirt and not a secretly tucked in dress :)


  2. What a great idea for Valentine's Day. I'm not even sure if we are doing anything yet, so this is a good "I'm maybe going out, maybe not, but still looking fresh" look. hahaha. I thought that was a skirt at first, I don't really have one like it, and got a little discouraged. But then after reading you're wearing a dress, I have plenty of dresses that I could do this with! I'll tag you in a photo if I end up finding something with my own closet to try this with!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

  3. That skirt is so pretty- I've been wanting to wear more floral prints! Love the picture of you twirling too!

  4. Love this outfit. Perfect for casual dates :) Cute!

    Happy Valentines, Deborah! :)


  5. I can't believe this adorable look is so low cost! You could pull off literally everything and look amazing :3

    Arianna, Nymphashion ♡

  6. lovely vday look! love how its not the usual pink/red. the chambry shirt is a nice touch

  7. I really loved the idea of wearing a chambray shirt over the dress- so clever! Sometimes I completely forget that you can use dresses as skirts! This is definitely a perfect outfit for Valentine's day as it is very polished and romantic! You are adorable! :)


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