Book Club: Egghead

Guest post by Jen Muller. 


I've never met anyone who doesn't enjoy Bo Burnham’s comedy. His brand of stand-up has its own unique format and is amazingly fresh when compared to other stand ups. So when he mentioned in his Netflix special “What” that he had a book coming out I was so excited, and I was so ecstatic to receive it as a gift over the holidays.

Soul to Seoul (Part One)

I'm back from my travels in South Korea!!

It was an incredible adventure and I had such an amazing time reconnecting with my family, seeing all of the sights and soaking in the culture. I've posted a fraction of some of the things I was up to on Instagram under the hashtag #adventuresinkorea, so if you guys get a chance, you can check out my gallery there.
In the meantime here are some of the pictures I took while there. Part 2 will be up soon!

When I first arrived in Korea, I spent a day adjusting to the time difference. I remember that first morning, I made my way to a cafe (Paris Baguette) for breakfast and maybe a pastry.