Soul to Seoul (Part One)

I'm back from my travels in South Korea!!

It was an incredible adventure and I had such an amazing time reconnecting with my family, seeing all of the sights and soaking in the culture. I've posted a fraction of some of the things I was up to on Instagram under the hashtag #adventuresinkorea, so if you guys get a chance, you can check out my gallery there.
In the meantime here are some of the pictures I took while there. Part 2 will be up soon!

When I first arrived in Korea, I spent a day adjusting to the time difference. I remember that first morning, I made my way to a cafe (Paris Baguette) for breakfast and maybe a pastry.

My uncle in Seoul was gracious enough to drive me to Pusan to visit some family I had there, including my grandmother. For reference, Seoul is the largest city in South Korea and Pusan is the second largest. My Pusan uncle arranged a tour for me to visit the sights. I went to Taejongdae (the oceanside), Haeundae (the beach), and Songjung (a coastal city). I also visited a shrine to Nongae, the courtesan who dragged an enemy general to his death (and committed suicide in the process) by drowning him in the oceans of Jinju.

Part two is coming soon!!


  1. Such a different culture. I'd love to get to know it someday :)

  2. Wow, you took some really incredible photos when you were away!! I've never been to Korea, but my brother went to visit my cousin when he taught English there. I heard it was a really unique place to visit.

    The food looks pretty tasty too.

    Can't wait to see more!

    Something About That

  3. Wow! Can't wait for part two! I love that little "Welcome Deborah" sign, so sweet!! I did not know that Seoul was the largest and had not heard of Pusan. I'm so glad to hear you had a wonderful time reconnecting and enjoying the whole experience. I love traveling, it really puts your culture in perspective!! Also, welcome back to blogging, haha!!

    Much Love!!!
    -Stephanie Eva

  4. I've never been in Korea ,only China and Thailand but seeing your pictures made me miss Asia so much. So beautiful, so peaceful !!!

  5. I'm so glad you had a good trip- so cool to see so much while you were there and be able to visit with all of your family! Such beautiful pictures!

  6. Your pictures are just lovely and it sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Seeing your grandmother must have been especially amazing! She looks really cute :]


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