Coffee Break: Quartermaine Coffee

Welcome to the newest series of my blog: Coffee Break - a column dedicated to reviewing coffee shops in the DC area and beyond. With a blog called "Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes," it's only natural that I would have a section dedicated to coffee, isn't it?
I'm going to kickstart this series with a place called Quartermaine Coffee in Bethesda, Maryland.

As someone who likes to support her local businesses where she can, I chanced upon this coffee shop one day while wandering the streets of Bethesda Row. I'd never heard of this place before but the aroma of the shop was enchanting and I followed my nose inside the shop. I talked to the barista and found out that this was a family-owned coffeehouse with one other location also in another part of Bethesda. Heavenly smells and family-owned? I'm sold! I've been frequenting the place ever since. 
I think what I really love about the place is how under-rated it looks. Bethesda Row is a very expensive neighborhood to run a business of any kind and this coffeehouse is a place that just looks like people would pass by and not even notice. The people I encounter when I get inside, however, remind me of a scene from the film A Few Good Men - where Tom Cruise's character is a regular at his newspaper stand and has a rapport with the owner. This place makes me want to be a regular here and have a fun dialog with other regulars or the baristas before going about my day. 
If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend you check this place out - the coffee is delicious, the atmosphere is fun, and the pastries are divine! 

I'm curious as to what you guys think of this series - would you like to see more coffee shops reviewed? Let me know!


  1. That last shot is gorgeous!!

    It looks like such a cute spot to hang out. I love a good coffee shop, so this is a fun post in my opinion :)

    Have a great weekend!

    Something About That

  2. The pastry looks so yummy!


  3. I'm already in love with this series Deborah! A cup of coffee and a sweet treat arr like a yoga class :-) Baci,
    Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog - Valeria Arizzi


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