7 Essential Shoes

I think that shoes can really change the vibe of an outfit completely. Wearing t-shirt and jeans? Pop a pair of fancy heels and suddenly your casual outfit is more refined. Add a pair of sneakers to a pretty dress and your whole look will be street-chic. It's kind of amazing how much power a pair of shoes can have. I've come up with a list of seven kinds of shoes that go on serious rotation for me. 

  • Classic black heels: My black heels from Zara were my work-wardrobe work-horse! You could tell by how my scuff marks there were on the leather and the heel that broke off completely last week! I considered getting it repaired because I loved the shape and the height of the shoes but I decided that I'm not going to repair a pair of mid-priced shoes. I went and bought a pair of black heels from H&M instead that were around the same price I paid for my Zara ones. If i learned anything from the Zara shoes, it was that I'm not graceful enough for a pair of super-expensive Louboutins (even if I would wear the crap out of them). I will scuff them, I would break the heel and repairing the damage would probably cost more in the long run than what I pay for the shoes anyway - just something to consider when buying shoes. In any case, I really like these H&M ones though I would have preferred a pointed toe rather than an almond toe but no complaints here!
  • Nude heels: I'm in the middle of looking for a perfect pair of nudes but for now, Forever 21 sandals will have to do. I really like these because they look so sexy paired with anything and the minimalist look dresses up everything I pair them with. I wouldn't call them my "perfect" pair though because it seems a bit…trendy? But they'll do for now. Nude shoes are a necessity for me because I'm quite short (I'm 5'3) and they make my legs look longer! "Nude" means something different to everyone so find a shade that works for you!
  • Leopard print: I know lately that my leopard shoes have been worn a lot - you'd think I didn't have any other shoes! I'm a firm believer that leopard print is a neutral so these babies pair with any outfit so easily. Wearing all black? Pop a pair of leo for a dash of print. Flats, heels, booties - any kind of leopard shoes will work but my d'orsay leopard pumps are my faves!
  • Colorful shoes: Everyone needs a fun pair of shoes to brighten up a neutral outfit. I'm in love with my cobalt ankle-strap heels from Forever 21 (Forever 21 makes awesome trendy shoes)
  • Sturdy ankle boots: I wore a very awesome pair of suede ankle boots to death this winter. And I say 'to death' somewhat literally because the heels to the shoes gave out so I had to say a very sad farewell to them. I think it's a testament to how much I love ankle boots - they're versatile, they're comfortable, and if you prefer heeled ones like me, they elongate your legs! I love these old ASOS ones for spring because they dip a bit in the front making my legs look longer instead of cutting them off at an awkward length. 
  • Fun flats: These are a recent purchase but I can’t get enough of these lace-up flats! I think that because they’re not as posh as heels, flats get a bad rep but I personally feel that a good pair can jazz up any outfit. I think that a neutral pair can tone down the feel of a fancier outfit as well. I added my pair of neutral Forever 21 flats to the circle. Since my flats get a lot of wears, they’re usually the first to fall apart so I normally don’t splurge too much on flats but a lot of retailers have cute flats for cheap.
  • Sneaky sneakers: I don’t think that my my Chucks get enough love because they honestly go with everything! The right sneakers can make an outfit instantly casual-cool so play around with outfits with your sneakers and the results may surprise you!

Would you add anything to this list or take anything off? Let me know in the comments below! 


  1. You have a great taste on shoes!


  2. This is a really helpful post for something with my beginning level of fashion interest.. I'm just learning how shoes make a huge difference in the overall look of an outfit, as you mention with something like jeans and a tee. I'm happy to report that I have every "staple" from your collection EXCEPT the ankle boot. I can also see myself wearing them "to death" but hopefully not literally like you had!! ;) A pity to say farewell, as those are beautiful! I'm hoping to find a pair before the fall, so when the cooler weather starts I can immediately break them out. Bring on the fall weather! ;)

    Much LOVE!
    -Stephanie Eva

  3. Such a great overview of shoe essentials! :) Although I don't have a pair of leopard print (or any print!) shoes, I do have a similar pair for all the others you mentioned. Especially Converese and ankle boots, I've been wearing them a LOT lately as I'm not in the office 5 days a week, they are such great casual shoes.

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