Coffee Break: Paul

I tend to avoid most chain coffeehouses (though I am certainly guilty of going to Starbucks every fall for my mandatory cup of Pumpkin Spice Latte), but I couldn't help but pop into Paul's Bakery this month. Paul is a French chain that was started back in 1886 in France and is still owned by the original family today. They recently arrived in several locations here in the US, though still mostly on the east coast and Florida. I remember when I was studying in Europe, I saw quite a few Paul Bakery shops and I remembered them being so good but it had been ages since the last time I had a cup of coffee there so I walked in with a book before heading into work and ordered coffee and a pain au chocolat. 

I really liked the ambiance of the particular Paul's I went to - it had a cozy home feel and the staff was incredibly friendly! While I ordered a cup of coffee and a pastry, they sell all sorts of things - quiches, macarons, danishes, you name it! It's a classic French bakery cafe after all! (Their macarons are divine, by the way).

If you ever find a Paul bakery near you, go inside and check it out! The food is quite good and their coffee will leave you satisfied!

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