Product Review: Etude House BB Cream Compact

While I was in Korea, I had a chance to stop by a few makeup shops. Korean makeup is considered one of the best in the world so I, of course, jumped on the opportunity to try out a few products. I was instantly drawn to Etude House stores because I'm a sucker for cute things and all of their stores has a pink-and-white, girly princess theme. I realize how basic I sound, especially since I usually don't even like such girly things but there's just something about Etude House. I'm convinced their marketing team consists of geniuses. 
In any case, here's my review of their Precious Mineral BB Cream Compact:

Packaging: I've said this a million times but I really can't resist cute packaging and Etude House has the cutest packaging ever! The lovely pink color of the compact combined with the softest foam pad makes for a very pretty design. I like that the pad has a ribbon on it - I slip my fingers between the ribbon and the foam for easy application of the product. The compact itself is sturdy and I like that you can hear a click when you close it so you know that it's not going to open up in your bag and fly all over the place. 5/5
Formula: The formula is out of this world! I gotta say, I wasn't expecting too much from a powder but it gives the most even coverage, not to mention a buildable one without looking like there's a caked on layer of makeup on your face! It's perfect to cover up a bit of shine on your face and to even out discoloration on your skin. I also love that this is SPF 30. 5/5
Price: I paid the equivalent of maybe $15 for this. Considering the packaging and the formula, I think this has an amazing price tag - I've spent more money on a product that doesn't perform half as well as this one. 5/5

If you're in the market for a BB Cream and don't mind a powder formula, I'd say give Etude House a try! I can honestly say that it won't disappoint!


  1. Wow, I didn't know BB cream also comes in compact form, and I also didn't know this brand. The packaging is too cute though ;)

  2. I have a massive list of Korean beauty products I want to get, and I'm really curious to try their BB creams since everyone says they're the best although the shade selection is quite pale for all of them!

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  3. I heard that Korean make up is the best too! thanks for sharing this review.

  4. I really want to try some Korean makeup especially Etude House because I love the packaging too! This sounds amazing, love that you rated out of 5 too :) x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

  5. I have actually heard of Etude house (I think someone reviewed their lipsticks? and I was on their site for ages scrolling through cute bits and bobs)!! I'm also a total sucker for cute (but well built) packaging. I especially love the look of their Etoinette lipsticks!! Great to hear this also passes with flying colors! I also like the way you explain the price. You are so right.. I've paid A LOT of money for some products that preform kind of "meh".. So $15 for something that actually works for you is a spectacular value. I love the idea of a BB powder, so the next time I'm looking for a light base (I'm not one for heavy foundations) I'll remember Etude House and check out what they have to offer!!

    -Stephanie Eva

  6. Dear Deborah,
    thank you for sharing, it's interesting what you can buy in Korea. And btw: at the moment I have a phase I read everything I can get about North Korea - and in this context also many about your country South Korea. Unfortunately it looks like as in Germany no more books about North Korea avialable and therefore I started to read English books about this theme.
    Wish you a happy new week.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  7. That is a beautiful little compact! :) So nice that it works perfectly for you too! :)

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