National Coffee Day

Happy Coffee Day!

In case you didn't know, September 29 is National Coffee Day. With a blog called, Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes, it makes sense to celebrate it, wouldn't you say?

Here are a few links to some of my favorite coffee recipes:

Here are a few links to some of my favorite coffee houses in the city:

Autumn Breezes | Utility Jacket and Leopard Spots

Happy Monday everyone!
Did you all manage to catch the lunar eclipse last night? So amazing! I gotta say, Autumn has really come through because I haven't been able to walk out the door without a jacket. It almost makes me miss the warm and humid summer nights.
I finally pulled this dual textured utility jacket from the back of my closet. I figured now is the perfect time, seeing how crisp it's been. I wanted add some interest so I paired it with my leopard shoes and some pink accents.
On a completely different note, I signed a lease to a new apartment in downtown DC! I will be moving quite soon, which is why my posts have been sporadic lately - this move combined with my new job has been keeping me quite busy to say the least! I'm hoping that this will die down a bit in the next few weeks but for those of you who have been coming by to read and leave a nice comment, I truly appreciate it!

Texture Mixture | Suede, Leather, Nylon, and Boucle

Wondrous Wednesday lovelies!
I was inspired by my shoes to mix different types of textures together - Suede and leather make for such an interesting combination so I decided to add a few more. A nylon bag, cotton joggers, and a boucle jacket, I mean this is probably the most I've experimented with textures! The key to make this work was keeping the color palette neutral. More black and white for me!

A Very Happy Birthday | Pleated Dress and Strappy Heels

Saturday was my birthday! 
I spent the day hanging out with one of my closest friends, poolside with gin and tonics and a delicious cake. There was no singing, no big deal made, and no fuss. My kind of birthday!
For this post, however, I decided to wear my fanciest dress and strappiest shoes. It's my birthday, I can look as glamorous as I want to, right? :P

Checked | Shirt Dress and Lace Up Flats

Wondrous Wednesday lovelies!
I have never owned a shirtdress before - I just didn't find one flattering on me before. A lot of them just made me look like a little girl trying on her dad's shirt or something. Not exactly the look I'm going for. I finally found a very cute dress that fit me well (and even comes with pockets!) and perfect for Autumn. I decided to add a belt to reclaim my waist so I don't look so much like I'm wearing a sack.