Book Recommendations for Millennial Working Women

Good Tuesday afternoon everyone!

As an avid reader and a hard-working millennial, I am always on the hunt for a good book to read during my downtime, and I know many of you guys out there are as well! In the spirit of this month's career-related theme, here are a few books my friend Jen (also a brilliant woman with a fantastic career) and I absolutely recommend for all young women who are currently in (or about to enter) the workforce. #Hustle girls!
  • Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg: Filled with anecdotes about women in the workforce, this book inspired me to not be afraid to ask for what I want and work efficiently. Sandberg is someone I greatly admire and seeing her insight was incredibly eye-opening. I can't recommend this book enough to all of you smart ladies out there!
  • The Little Black Book of Success -  Laws of Leadership for Women by Elaine Meryl Brown, Marsha Haywood, Angela Burt-Murray, Rhonda Joy McLean: This book follows three successful black female executives and discusses their strategies, wisdom, and how they deal with stereotypes. As a young white woman at the start of my career, I found their advice and tips to be universal, interesting, and good conversation pieces with coworkers. Leadership comes in many different shapes, sizes, and directions – I recommend this book because it is important to have perspective and diverse sources of mentorship.
  • The Good Girls Revolt -  How the Women of Newsweek Sues their Bosses and Changed the Workplace by Lynn Povich: This book looks at Newsweek between the 1940’s to the 1950’s, in which a large cultural shift led a group of apolitical women to take a stand for their own civil rights. This book discusses feminism, discrimination, and many other difficult topics with respect, humor, and perspective. This was a wonderful book to read and I recommend it to everyone.
  • Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office - Unconscious Mistakes Women Make that Sabotage Their Careers by Lois Frankel: This is not my favorite book about women in workplace, but I recommend it for the valuable self-examination it promotes regarding professionalism and confidence. I recommend this book, because it explain how women can learn “to play the game,” how to act professionally and with confidence, how to brand and market yourself, how to speak with clearly and with confidence, and how to respond to people and difficult situations. We could talk about feminism until we are blue in the face, but at the end of the day we all still want careers and make it to the point in those careers where we can affect change; this book will get you there.
  • Woman Up! - Overcome the 7 Deadly Sins that Sabotage Your Success by Aimee Cohen: This book provides a fantastic outlook about certain behaviors women are more statistically likely to do and how they can harmful to ourselves. Cohen gives real world examples uses shared experiences to provide context to advice and tips for women who want to take control of their careers. This book isn’t asking its reader’s to change to win at a man’s game; rather Cohen asks us to see ourselves as we are and how our actions are effecting our outcomes as players. 
  • The Power of Habit - Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg: This book is all about how the science of personal habits and how to understanding personal habits is the key to success. Duhigg uses CEOs, cultural leaders, and communities as case studies providing example routine, reward, change, success, and failure. For women in business I suggest this book because as we aim to be successful it is important to understand the science and habits that will either help facilitate or disrupt either or personal or professional success.
  • Creative Confidence - Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All by Tom Kelley and David Kelley: Creativity isn’t just for artists, hipsters, or young people. Creative people make effective and innovative leaders. For woman, statistically we are more creative than men, so I suggest this book as way to optimize our statistical advantages…. plus its just a great read for everyone!


  1. I totally want to read Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office and The Good Girls Revolt now! I read part of Creative Confidence, but didn't get a chance to finish it before it went back to the library, but I liked what I read!

  2. These sound interesting, thank you for recommending them!! :))

  3. Great list! I haven't read any of them!!


Thank you for your comments! I read every single one :]