My Office Essentials

With my new job came a brand new office! Admittedly, it's not a big office but I went from working in a cubicle to a more private space so it looks like I'm moving up! One of the big challenges was figuring out how to decorate the space so that it was still professional but not completely devoid of personality. After hanging my university diploma, I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do but as I got to know my coworkers and saw what they did for their offices, I picked out a few essentials for office decorating:
Office Essentials

  • Fabulous frames: A good photo frame is nice to have around your desk
  • Pinch Photo/Memo holder: I saw these adorable photo holders at Paper Source and I knew they would be perfect in my office! 
  • Cute cork/white board: Speaking of corkboards, I like having one around! It can be decorative but mostly it'll be really handy to tack a note or memo onto. 
  • Hot heater: A mug heater will guarantee my coffee will always be warm
  • Pretty painting: I seriously have the most difficult time ever picking out nice pictures to hang around but I managed to nab this Washington, DC canvas at a steal. It's a nice picture to have in a downtown DC office, I think. 
  • Super succulents: I like the idea of having a plant or two in the office but I'm pretty bad at taking care of them. Succulent plants are incredibly low maintenance and generally very cute to look at. 
  • Sassy sorter: Paper and file sorters are most definitely a necessity in the office so why not get one with a bit of flair and personality?


  1. Congrats on the upgrade! I love all the little knick knacks you picked out :) They're sure to make your office look super chic!


  2. Loved your office essentials! :)

  3. congrats on the new office space

  4. Congrats on the new office, how exciting! Lovely that you got to decorate it too, I really like that painting you picked! :)

    I used to have photos up all over my desk at work, then we moved to 7 desks for 10 people and now we have to have all the desks clean so anyone can sit at them. I miss my 'space' at work. Luckily I can work from home once a week and I have my 'space' there with all the photos I want!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  5. Cute inspiration post dear , i am obsessed with mini plants, i have them everywhere in my house :) !

  6. such a lovely and inpiring post my dear <3

  7. Total congrats on moving on up! What fun to redecorate ;) I love the pinch photo holders. I think that is something I want to buy (or try to DIY) sometime soon. They are beautiful with photos but also handy when I need to display a note in a "pinch". Ha, puns....

    Much Love!!!


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