October According to Instagram

Good evening everyone!

I haven't done an Instagram roundup in a while and it feels pretty good to be back!
As you guys remember, I made a big move to downtown DC and outfit posts have been pretty sporadic to say the least. My schedule is back on track now that I have a kind of routine going on so hopefully I won't have to keep writing "sorry I've been away" posts as often in the near future!
Also, in other news, I got my haircut this weekend! I usually like my hair a bit on the shorter side and I decided to go with an asymmetrical bob. I kinda like it but I'm still trying to make my new length work. We'll see how things go, shall we?
Now without further ado, here is what my Instagram looked like for the month of October:

The first row is a kind of sneak-peak into my new space. I got all new sheets and bedding and I've been so happy with how pretty the flamingos look with navy stripes! I also hosted a sort of housewarming tea party with scones and I had a blast!
The second row has my Halloween costume - I was the Eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who (Matt Smith's character). I had quite the search trying to find a red bow tie that didn't cost an arm and a leg. I'm also a true Whovian because I had a harder time finding a bow tie than I did a sonic screwdriver (I actually just had one lying around!) This was a fun costume to do and I had a lot of fun last night!

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