Pretty Woman | Mini Dress and Tall Boots

Happy Black Friday everyone!
I've always liked the idea of tall over-the-knee boots because if you think about it, it's pretty practical - they keep your legs so warm! On the other hand, they've gotten a bad rep until fairly recently. Maybe we can blame Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman for that...
That said, Julia Roberts looked fantastic in Pretty Woman and when I saw these boots, I was reminded of Vivian Ward for a moment. I think that tall boots are a fantastic piece to have (not to mention again, practical). I like that mine are suede which tones down the boldness of this piece, and they have a bit of stretch so I can pair them with jeans or thicker socks or something. The only con about these particular ones are that they are a bit too wide at the thighs. I kinda wish they would come with the lace up part like the Stuart Weitzman Highland boots do but... maybe that might be my DIY project in the future?


Care to share any styling tips for tall boots?

Dress: Forever 21
Accessories: H&M scarf (similar by JC Penney), Kate Spade crossbody bag, LOFT sunglasses 
Shoes: Forever 21


  1. Love the bag :3

    Ana ♥

  2. Dear Deborah, I know what you mean with the bad rep of tall boots - but please don't stop wearing your wonderful boots as you look fantastic in them - with or without additional DIY :)
    Wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. The dress and boots look great together! I love your scarf too, the print is nice against the little black dress :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. Love pretty woman! You totally rock those boots 100X better that JR. Don't tell her I said that... ;) I tried on a very similar pair of boots at F21 last month. Regretting not taking them home now!!

    Much Love!
    -Stephanie Eva


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