Cold Front | Trench Coat and Tall Boots

Wonderful Wednesday, lovelies!
I don't do so well in the cold. A few years ago I started experiencing this weird thing where my blood circulation wouldn't reach my hands (and sometimes my toes) when I was cold and the tips of my fingers would feel swollen and turn a bit blue. Once warm they would return to their non-swollen, non-blue state but I thought my body was going crazy for a while! I recently found out that this is a symptom of Raynaud's Disease. Apparently, this is quite common and very treatable - I just need to stay out of the cold. Living in DC, however, the cold is kind of unavoidable in the winter! I would dread my commute because even that 15 minute walk from my apartment to work would cause my fingers to get visibly swollen. I really need to invest in some better gloves!

So for my readers living in even colder climates - any tips on staying warm this winter?

Top: H&M sweater (similar here), Zara trench (similar here by Forever 21)
Bottoms: Charlotte Russe skirt (similar here)
AccessoriesH&M tights, Prada bag (similar here)
Shoes: Forever 21


  1. That skirt *o*

    Ana ♥ N/POST

  2. Oh, dear Deborah, so sorry, you have these challenges with the cold and hopefully it works if you invest in appropriate gloves. You look elegant and stylish in your look, I'm still in love with your overknee boots!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. Ahh the cold really stinks, doesn't it? You must be happy about the warmer weather we're having on the East this year. I HATE the cold, and I'm so happy that I still haven't needed to break out the gloves/down coat just yet.

    Something About That

  4. I LOVE that coat!! Such a great piece you will get so much use out of!

  5. Hopefully the (super) cold will stay away for a bit longer for you-- these more mild temps are amazing! Love this entire outfit, and am totally wishing I had it in my closet!


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