My Blogging Essentials

I thought it would be a fun idea to let you all in on some of the behind-the-scenes stuff for my blog. I'm always curious and fascinated by how much work goes into people's blogs and the kinds of tools they use to make the magic happen. As for me, I've boiled my blog down to six essentials: 

  • Macbook Pro - Well you can't be a blogger without access to a computer of some sort. I come from a big Apple family and I really like having an efficient tech ecosystem so most of the things I use for my blog are by Apple. 
  • iPad Mini (with Retina display) - I used to have the iPad 3 but I found that I would use either my Macbook for the big stuff and my iPhone for the small stuff and my iPad for.... well not much really other than playing a few games and watching movies on Netflix while working. I used to try and read books on it but it was too big and bulky and felt awkward in my hands. I gave it to my mom and got myself an iPad Mini and wow, is this thing super useful! I find that for blogging, it's basically replaced my iPhone. I highly recommend it if you're in the market for a small tablet. 
  • Samsung NX1100 camera - As a style blogger, having a good camera is important. I bought this interchangeable lens camera because I don't consider myself skilled enough for a DSLR. I think this is a very good introductory camera before I upgrade to a full DSLR. 
  • iPhone - I have my Blogger app on my phone so I can do on-the-spot edits when I'm out and about. While my iPad does some of the bigger tasks, I use my iPhone for social media and checking to see if my scheduled posts actually made it out. My contract is up in November and I think I'll upgrade to the iPhone 6S but we'll see what other phones are on the market by then. 
  • Evernote - I have Evernote on my Macbook, iPad, and iPhone because this is where I jot down ideas for blog posts! It's so useful and keeps me organized
  • Moleskine notebook/Band.o planner - I like having a physical copy of my editorial calendar on hand which is where my handy Moleskine planner comes in handy! I color code and jot down EVERYTHING in this thing. Absolute must-have, whether you're a blogger or not.

So to those who have blogs, what are some of your blogging essentials?


  1. Love the iPhone cover! Cute notebook too!


  2. I love posts like this! I go back and forth with utilizing Evernote, but it's always so helpful when I do use it. And I looooove your phone case!

  3. You sound so organised! haha! I just do my blogging on my laptop and I'll do instagram on my phone, and maybe some email, but that's it aside from my camera. I use blogger drafts to plan out posts in advance when I can, I just keep it simple :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. You sound so much more organized than me! I'm still trying to find a perfect system for blog organization that works for me. I don't know why it's been so difficult!

    Something About That


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