Product Review: TONYMOLY Magic Food Banana Sleeping Pack

Hello lovelies,

I mentioned in my empties post that I'd be doing a review on this night cream (the TONYMOLY Magic Food Banana Sleeping Pack - that is a mouthful!) so here it is! Before I run through the criteria of what makes a good product for me, let me tell a bit about how this product came into my life.
I've been struggling with eczema for the past three years. I would get rough dry patches on my skin and nothing I did could get rid of them. Two years ago, a small rough patch appeared on my face near my ear. No amount of moisturizer could get rid of it and not only that, it started spreading towards the center of my face! The area was so dry and flaky and I was afraid that it would only get worse!
When I went to visit my family in South Korea last March, I picked up this little banana-shaped lotion because it promised to be extremely moisturizing.
My life changed.
After using this product for only two weeks, my rough patch just disappeared!! Think about that - I was struggling with an eczema patch for two years but this thing cleared it up in two weeks! Needless to say, I am a huge fan!
Packaging: The packaging is absolutely adorable and to be honest, it's about 80% of the reason why I picked this up in the first place. TONYMOLY is known for their cute packaging and this one is no exception. My only gripe about their packaging is also actually a plus - it's a squeeze-tube bottle which is great for dispensing product without making a mess, but it makes it rather difficult to get the last few drops of moisturizer when you reach the end. It's also impossible to tell how much product is even left in the bottle so I had to twist and squeeze the bottle to make sure I wasn't wasting any product. For that I give this moisturizer a 4/5
Formula: Like I said before, I got my eczema under control thanks to this little gem! It smells like bananas and a little of this goes a long way so it lasted me a long time. 5/5
Price: This was honestly not expensive at all, especially considering how well it worked! I paid less than $10 on this and I have certainly paid much more for moisturizers that did nothing for my eczema. 5/5

Tell me about some of your favorite night creams/moisturizers. Are any of you struggling with dry skin or eczema? Let me know some of your tips on handling it!


  1. Looks so cool!

    Ana ♥ N/POST

  2. I've never suffered from eczema or super-dry skin, but I've always heard great things about Cetaphil! Glad it worked for you as well!

  3. This would also be perfect for my skin type , thanks for sharing dear !

  4. Tony Moly has the cutest packaging! Glad to hear this product worked out for you :) I used to suffer from really bad eczema and found eucerin's eczema cream to work like a sharm!


  5. The packaging is totally something I'd go for too! I have wanted to try this ever since you first mentioned it on your blog so I'm really happy you're writing a review. I have extremely dry skin which causes tiny bumps around my face. They kind of look like tiny acne breakouts that haven't developed. Really it's inflammation of my sensitive skin. I think I will order it after Christmas (currently, BROKE. LOL) and hopefully I can have the same experience that you did. You're right, the price is fair. I've paid more and if this actually helps me... It will be totally worth it!

    -Stephanie Eva


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