Staying Warm in the Freezing Summer | Circle Skirt and Denim Jacket

Happy Monday lovelies!
I'm one of those people who is perpetually cold. Winter is a tough time for me because unless I wear three layers of everything I honestly feel like I'm going to freeze to death. You'd think that Summer would be my favorite season because of how nice and hot it gets but I have my own battle in the summer with the evil and sinister forces of the air conditioning. I mean, I'm not against air conditioning by any means but a lot of buildings will have it on at full blast leaving me freezing in my summer clothes. Then I walk outside where it's hot and muggy... my body can't seem to adjust and I end up with a cold in the middle of summer. It's a struggle.
I recently went and bought a blanket to keep with me at work. You read that right, a blanket made of wool from Old Navy. I probably looked a bit out there and, in fact, some of my co-workers laughed at me until they found themselves cold later on in the day (joke's on them :P). 

TV Shows to Binge Watch This Summer

When I think of summer, I think of the pool, barbecues, fireflies, and catching up on all my favorite TV shows. With streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu, binge-watching never got easier. Not sure where to start? Here is a list of some of my favorite TV shows that I highly recommend you binge watch this summer:
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Starring Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher, this show is about a group of detectives in the 99th precinct of Brooklyn, NY. I don't know if any of you watch Parks and Recreation but I believe this show is by the same creators. Plus, it's Andy Samberg of Saturday Night Live fame - you know it will be hilarious.

Rewind, Replay | Floral Dress and Blush Accents

Wondrous Wednesday lovelies!
I wore this dress to the Palm Breeze event two weeks ago. I posted on social media about it but I wanted to showcase the whole look in all its glory. 
I talked to the PR contact who invited me and she told me that since the theme of the event was "Vacay Every Day," it would be a good idea to wear an outfit that was summery and breezy.
Naturally, I picked out this dress - the bright colors and the pretty silhouette really reminds me of summer! I paired it with these cute blush flats and my favorite Zara bag. 

Biergartening | Neoprene Dress and Strappy Sandals

Marvelous Monday everyone!
Did you have a good weekend? I went to a Biergarten this weekend with my friends! A few years ago, while studying abroad in Spain, I had an opportunity to go on a weekend trip to Berlin where I went to a real Biergarten (complete with an atmosphere of Gem├╝tlichkeit!) Since then I've been a bit of a snob when it comes to Biergartens as I've had a tough time finding an authentic one here in the States. Until I went to Biergarten Haus on Saturday, that is! Here's a little clip from Instagram of the band that was playing: