Crafty Hour: Wineglass Painting Night

Happy Friday everyone!
I am so lucky to live with fabulous people in a fabulous building in a fabulous town! On Wednesday night my apartment complex hosted a wineglass painting event. We had some chardonnay, appetizers, some wineglasses and paint and we had a ball!
I was worried that whatever I painted wouldn't turn out as great as Pinterest-inspired ones. I expressed my lack of artistic ability concerns to the instructor who told me not to worry and that "after a few glasses of wine, you're probably going to be happy with whatever result anyway. It's not about getting it perfect, it's about having fun and bonding with your roommates and neighbors!" She was absolutely right! My roommates and I had so much fun and we met quite a few of the people in our building (which means no more awkward elevator rides!)
I went for a Harry Potter inspired painting but I was a bit disappointed with the way it turned out. Maybe not quite a Pinterest fail but his glasses weren't as perfectly straight as I wanted them to be. Turns out the instructor was right though because two glasses of chardonnay later I didn't care too much. And besides, Harry's glasses were always a bit wonky in the book anyway so it's canon :P

Book Club: Furiously Happy

Every time Jen sends me a review of a book she's read, I get really excited! Longtime readers will know that my librarian friend always has solid book recs at all times. When I received her email with the following review of Jenny Lawson's Furiously Happy, I went on Amazon to order it myself! Hope you enjoy her take on this funny book!

Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson
by Jen Muller

I am guilty of sometimes judging and buying books based on their covers; this book was product of an impulsive buy. I saw the happy raccoon on the cover and purchased it. I immediately regretted the rash decision I made. However after reading the description and some the reviews online, I decided to give it a shot.

Settling In | Olive Shirtdress and Ankle Boots

Marvelous Monday lovelies!
I'm finally back with a new OOTD! If you haven't been following my blog too closely, I mentioned that I moved to a new place in downtown DC and I've been a rather busy bee! The move has been pretty intense but I'm settling into a new routine and a new 10 minute walking commute to work now(!) I love my new place and my new roommates are wonderful. As sad as I was to leave my old place, I'm excited for the immense possibilities and new memories I'll make here.