5 Essential Apps for Productivity

Let's talk about something that I bet a lot of you will have close by at all times: our phones!
When it comes to apps, I like to make them work for me because otherwise, what's the point? I'm a young DC working-girl and I like having my iPhone apps reflect that so whenever I download an app, I like to think about how much use I'll get out of it (I only have so much space on my phone after all). I tend to be very picky about apps for productivity as I find a lot of them to be redundant and somewhat inefficient but I've boiled down a list of 5 apps that I always download and never delete because I find them incredibly helpful:
  1. Evernote: I've talked about Evernote a lot over the years because it's so useful! You can take notes on your phone, tablet or computer and it's all stored in "the cloud." I have a notebook in Evernote just for this blog and it's helped me keep my notes organized on the go and I can safely say that it makes blogging easier. 
  2. Dropbox: I can't emphasize enough how much Dropbox has helped me! It's basically an online storage unit for documents, pictures, etc. I've uploaded several versions of my resume and during impromptu casual-meetings-turned-networking situations, I've been able to simply send a copy of my resume on the spot. It also keeps the pictures from my phone safe for me, freeing up space on my phone!
  3. 1Password: This app is fairly new in my life but I don't know how I ever lived without it! It stores all of your logins and passwords so all you ever have to remember is the one password for this app! I don't know about you guys but having to come up with new passwords for all the accounts I log into daily is hard to keep track of. This is definitely one handy app to have up your sleeve.
  4. Day One: This is a journaling app that admittedly costs money but I happened to have downloaded it when it was Apple's "App of the Week" for free. That said, it only costs $4.99 and I've loved writing out my thoughts and being able to access them on other platforms. I think writing daily is important for aspiring writers (or bloggers in my case) and this has most certainly helped me write more. 
  5. Todo.Ly: This app is perfect if you're like me and like to "check" things off in your day. There's something deeply satisfying about clicking a check box after completing a task on your list and if you share my enthusiasm, this is a great app to have on your phone.
What are some of your favorite productivity apps?


  1. Ha! There really IS something satisfying about checking off a box when you've completed a task! I don't write every day, but I agree with you it's something that writers/bloggers need to do to help them be the very best for themselves!! I want to start writing more.....

    Much Love!!
    -Stephanie Eva


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