#Bloggoals | Silk Skirt and Lace Neck

Happy 2016!
While my last post was all about reflection, today's post is all about looking forward and some of my goals for my blog in 2016. In February my blog will be celebrating its third birthday (can you believe that?) and while I still think of myself as a fairly new blogger and will never give this up as a hobby, I want to take it more seriously than I have been. I started (as I'm sure you've seen) by changing up the layout of my blog and I am currently working on a new header. That said, I want to do more to grow my readership and put out top-notch quality posts regularly. I'm going to put my goals here so hopefully my regular viewers can hold me accountable and keep me going!
  • Grow readership: Anyone can say "I want a lot of people to read my blog" but to give myself some tangible benchmarks, I will define what I mean by "grow readership:"
    • Grow Bloglovin followers to 200. I currently have 157 followers on Bloglovin
    • Gain 100 Facebook Likes. I currently have 21 likes on Facebook
    • Double Instagram followers. I currently have 439 followers on Instagram. I've noticed I have an easier time promoting on Instagram which is why this goal is  higher than the others
    • Gain 100 Twitter followers. I currently have 61 followers on Twitter
    • Gain 200 GFC followers. I currently have 163 followers on GFC but this one isn't high priority for me. 
  • Post consistently: I am willing to admit, this is going to be something I work hard on and be really organized about. I am very guilty of taking unscheduled "blogging breaks" and this is definitely going to be something I work on. Communicating a need to take a break if needed will also be a priority.
  • Get my own domain: I think it's about time to get off this "blogspot.com" domain I've been using
What are some of your goals for the new year?

Top: Soyfashion dress (worn as a top) (similar here)
Skirt: H&M
Accessories: gifted clutch (similar here)
Shoes:  Forever 21


  1. Great goals, I've been thinking about the blogspot domain thing too but need to research how to do it! Also guilty of taking blogging breaks so I'll definitely be working on that one too! Hope you had a great Christmas and a happy New Year! Also love this outfit :) x

  2. These are great goals for 2015 and I see them all being totally achievable. I didn't know you had a Facebook page for your blog. I'm going to go and give that a "like"!! Also..it's a bit of a pain to make the switch, but DEFINITELY get your own domain!!!

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