Book Club: One More Thing

I normally try not to post book reviews on Fridays but with all the reading I'm doing, posting one book review a month is just not going to cut it. I wanted to review this book literally as soon as I finished it and I couldn't help but want to post the following review: 
One More Thing
By B.J. Novak
I admit, the only reason I read this book was because I was familiar with B.J. Novak on the American version of The Office. I didn't find him particularly funny but it was my love for the show that made me give this book a chance. 
I couldn't put it down!
This book is a collection of short stories, all about very different things but with some commonalities. It explores the theme of self-importance and pretension but in everyday situations. I think Novak's specialty is starting a story in the most ordinary of ways and taking the readers through an unexpected turn! It almost reads like a hypothetical question you have - "What if ___ happened?" but with the question answered and seen completely through. Some of my favorite stories include "The Rematch," "Sophia," "Julie and the Warlord," and "The Bravest Thing I Ever Did," precisely because they are things that I didn't know I would be curious about but... well now I know. These are the stories that made me laugh but could feel the sadness behind the humor. I've never felt so introspective while reading a book about the pretentiousness of others. How ironic. 
I almost never give 5 stars on Goodreads but this is one book I gave 5 stars to. Novak's quirkiness, depth, and his intelligence can be profoundly felt from each page. I can't recommend this book enough to you guys! 


  1. A 5 star rating makes me go and get it Deb! Thanks for your reviews! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog

  2. didn't know about this book
    thanks for the review

  3. I had no idea that BJ Novak wrote a book! I also remember him from the office :) Mindy Kaling's book has been on my to read list for the longest time, but after I stopped watching the Mindy Project I wasn't sure I ever would. After reading how great BJ's book was I might have to kick Mindy further down the list! Thanks for the rec :)


  4. It sounds like a great collection of stories to read! :) I'll have to see if they have it at our local library! :)

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