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Magnificent Monday lovelies!
I changed up the scenery today! I actually take my own photos and living in downtown DC makes it a bit difficult to find isolated places to shoot. I found this little alleyway and when I went to find a space to place my camera and tripod, I found a pair of shoes and a small blanket - I think a homeless man was sleeping there. 
It really put things in perspective, thinking of how lucky I am to be standing in that alleyway outside of my apartment, snapping photos on a rather cold morning while others were sleeping outside because they had nowhere else to go. DC has a pretty sizable homeless population and the metropolitan area itself has over 11,500 homeless people in general. Those numbers are especially upsetting if you think about how influential this city is (the nation’s capital) and how many people come here with dreams of becoming powerful yet we can’t even take care of our own. 
I was talking about this with some of my colleagues and was so sad to hear that some of them thought that homeless people were “just faking it” or that “they should just get a job!” Speaking as someone who graduated college when the jobs market was at an all-time low, the only difference between myself right out of college and a homeless person is that I was lucky to have a family that could support me emotionally and financially. It’s upsetting to hear how insensitive people can be towards people who literally have nothing. I signed up to do a shift at my local homeless shelter next weekend almost as a direct defiance against the people who look down on those who are down on their luck and simply trying to get by. I am a firm believer that a city is defined by how they take care of their most marginalized groups. I think we should all keep that in mind as we approach colder temperatures. After all, when you have more than enough, you should build a longer table, not a bigger wall. 

Sorry for the emotional post. I promise my next post will be much more lighthearted!

Top: Forever 21 shirt, H&M blazer (similar by Orla)
Bottoms: H&M
Accessories: Zara bag, gifted necklace, H&M bracelet
Shoes: Forever 21 (similar here)

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  1. I find people really insensitive towards the homeless in England too >< Comments like it's their own fault or they're not really homeless are crazy because we don't know their situations!! Love the new location though and this outfit is amazing x
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