Coffee Run | Lace Trim Sweater and Leather Lapels

Happy Martin Luther King Day everyone!
I like to take breaks during the work day by getting coffee outside. We have a big Keurig in the office but I think sometimes I just need to get out of the office. In fact, I think it helps me be a bit more productive! One thing about DC is that people are workaholics! I wish I could tell people sometimes that it's okay to let yourself relax once in a while - the world won't come tumbling down because you let yourself have a quick coffee break.

Sorry for the lack of photos - it was 19F degrees outside (or -7C for those who live outside of America). I took exactly 4 photos and said "Nope! I'm done!" and promptly walked inside. It's so cold!

Top: H&M sweater, H&M blazer (similar here)
Bottoms: H&M jeans
Accessories: J.Crew clutch
Shoes: Forever 21 (similar here)


  1. People are like that in Toronto, too. Everyone seems to work ALL OF THE TIME and it just seems inevitable that you'll burn out.

    UGH - freezing cold is not fun, especially for outfit photos. After my shoot this weekend, I was like....indoor pics? haha

    Something About That

  2. Coffee breaks are essential during working days! And I guess it's also good to get out of the office because you're there all day, you can have a little break :P I love your jacket and your top, they're really pretty!

    Julia xx
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  3. Lovely casual look!

    Happy New Year :)

  4. Pretty look! Love your top!

  5. great look
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  6. Love the look :3

    Ana ♥ N/POST

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