Cold Days | Sweater Shirtdress and Black Ankle Boots

Wondrous Wednesday everyone!
After the temperatures hit a certain point, I really stop caring about trying to look nice. That's a potentially controversial statement for a style blogger to make but when I saw that it was 21 degrees Fahrenheit outside the morning I took these photos, any notion I had for going tights-less for blog photos when out the window. 
I know that tights aren't always the most attractive thing to wear, especially for a photoshoot, but I honestly would much rather stay warm and comfortable than freeze for a nice picture. This blog is about my personal style and any attempt to be inauthentic would feel wrong to me. This was a real outfit that I wore to work one this past week - tights and all. It was cold and I knew I wouldn't be meeting with anyone that day so my work was forgiving of my slightly casual outfit. I took these photos really quickly too - I was outside for maybe a total of 10 minutes and was running in and out of my coat in between photos! Brr!

What are your thoughts on winter photoshoots?

Dress: Forever 21
Accessories: BCBG bangle, Forever 21 necklace (similar here), GAP tights, Tory Burch bag
Shoes: Forever 21 (similar here)


  1. There's nothing wrong with wear tights....because it's winter and that's what you do! I also think they suit the outfit and the dress just fine!

    I have to venture out this weekend to freeze for blog photos....but I wouldn't risk frost bite or anything that crazy.

    Something About That

  2. Your purple dress is so nice, and I like the statement necklace :)

    I find it tricky getting photos in the middle of winter too - I'd love a place with more natural light so I could do indoor photos...until then I just keep my coat on, haha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. This purple is such a lovely colour and suits you so well! Also I always wear tights when it's too cold, even if it's just for a shooting ;)


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