Fee, Fi, Faux Fur | Faux Fur Vest and Leopard Pumps

Marvelous Monday lovelies!
These pictures were taken when we had a warm-ish day, before the snowstorm hit the east coast. I actually wish I had more of an occasion to wear these leather leggings because they're seriously so warm and comfy! I will say, though, that they are more form-fitting and less forgiving of flaws than regular leggings are (especially my Zara leggings - those are perfect because the material is so heavy and offer so much support). As with any pair of leggings, when I wear them, I always make sure my butt and my crotch area are covered. Luckily, my chambray shirt and my vest are long so I'm good to go. 
I wish I had more chances to wear this vest! I never really understood the appeal of a vest before because they seemed inefficient at keeping you warm (I mean, your arms are still not covered). This past Autumn/Winter had me changing my mind about them because wow, have they kept my core toasty! Like I said, we had a blizzard hit the area last weekend so this vest won't be enough for a while but it sure does add a bit of oomph to an otherwise neutral outfit, doesn't it?

What are your thoughts on vests?

Top: Forever 21 shirt, Forever 21 vest
Bottoms: Forever 21 (similar by Joe Fresh)
Accessories: LOFT sunglasses, Prada bag (similar here), Forever 21 necklace (similar here)


  1. Love the vest :3

    Ana ♥
    http://aruivablog.blogspot.pt/ N/POST

  2. I am the biggest fan of this combination. Faux fur and leo shoes is a staple !!!


  3. I agree about vests but then you buy one and anything you thought against them being practical before goes out the window..? Whats the weather like? I've heard so much about it on the news >< x
    Freyas Fashion Chapter

    1. Well, it's more like, I didn't realize how much potential they had to keep me warm (and yeah, this vest kept my core very warm) until I got one for myself. I couldn't wear it at all this weekend as it wouldn't have been adequate but vests can be quite great for more "warmer" winter days.
      The weather was intense - the snow just kept on coming and I think we got around 30 inches of snow. DC just isn't equipped to handle it all! They closed my office on Friday and Monday so I had the days off but I'm starting to get a bit stir-crazy! The roads should be cleared tomorrow.
      Thanks for asking! :)

  4. Ha! Clever title!! I love vests, but not on me. I have a really "heavy" chest area, I don't know how else to describe it. I guess that my boobs are big, but my bone structure under it is also very wide. I hope I'm not talking nonsense here. Anyway, vests and the like, add too much weigh up there. It's very unflattering for me. Bummer... You look great! I almost bought a pair of faux-leather leggings and ONLY GOD KNOWS why I put them back!! I loved them and your outfit reminds me how BA they make everything look!

    Much Love!!
    -Stephanie Eva

  5. Absolutely loving those leopard pumps, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  6. Such a cool look! I absolutely adore those leopard shoes!
    xx Ama


  7. You so chic and adorable in this outfit.


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