I’m a Reader, Not a Fighter | Soft Chiffon and Pleated Skirt

Good Monday morning lovelies!
I recently joined a book club! One of the books we will be reading is called Reading Lolita in Tehran, a memoir of an Iranian woman who taught literature, and sometimes banned literature, during the early days of the Iranian Revolution. The more I read and hear about people who stand up for what's right even when the world stands against them I'm left in awe of their bravery. I'm not one for violence or war but something about how simply reading, learning, and educating yourself can be a form of protest and rebellion is amazing to me. 
Side note, I recently got approved to become a "Blogging for Books" blogger! I will be receiving copies of books for review on the blog. Honest opinions are encouraged and I'm really excited to be reviewing the first one soon! 

Thanks for reading!

Top: H&M romper (worn as a top) (similar here), H&M blazer (similar here)
Bottoms: Charlotte Russe (similar here)
Accessories: GAP tights, Zara bag (similar from Target)
Shoes: H&M


  1. Loving your new design/layout! And yay for blogging for books- they have such a good variety to choose from and I love that most of the time you can choose from ebook or hardcover! This outfit is so pretty and makes me wish I had more blazers in my wardrobe!

  2. This memoir sounds really interesting, we should read more about how information and culture is delivered and seen in other countries where cultural and societal habits are different from ours. I just stumbled upon your blog, and I'll be reading your book reviews as well! :D
    Your outfit is really cute too, I love your top - lace is the best thing ever!

    Julia x
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  3. I really love how you mixed colors in this outfit! :) On one hand the colors you used are very light and feminine, but on the other hand, the black makes the outfit so appropriate for winter! Don't get me wrong, I love all black outfits and I do think they are super cool and laid back, but I do love black mixed with a lighter or brighter shade - looks more interesting and fun!

    I love your new blog design! :)


  4. Dear Deborah, congratulations, this is fantastic! I'm really looking forward to your book reviews! And the book about Iran I read already ... and loved it. I love also your elegant look with the fantastic blazer.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena
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  5. Love this outfit! I used to have that bag in blue, was super handy and comfy!


  6. Loving this outfit! It looks perfect for when you want to add a bit of a girly touch to a work outfit.

    Congrats on becoming a Blogging for Books blogger!! :)

    Something About That

  7. Lovely look :3

    Ana ♥
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