January 2016 According to Instagram

Tomorrow is February and we are officially one month into the new year. Can you believe it? 
Here's some stuff I posted on Instagram that I really liked this month:
I frequented this place called Momiji's because they make the best sushi sandwiches! So much yum! I also found an awesome recipe for homemade green tea oreos and they may just be something I pack for Jen's Galentine's day care package.
Who doesn't love flatlays? Some of these were done kind of impromptu and but it's so much fun to put together and experiment with, photography-wise. 
And of course, a couple of miscellaneous pictures throughout the city. 

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  1. Those homemade oreos look delicious! You did a great job with them :)

    I can't believe how fast this year is flying either, February already!

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