January 2016 Bucket List

  1. Reread Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: Someone told me that reading Harry Potter as an adult is a very different experience from reading it as a kid. That sounds exciting to me and any excuse to read Harry Potter is a good one!
  2. See the new giant panda cub Bei Bei at the Smithsonian National Zoo: I absolutely adore pandas and seeing a baby panda sounds like heaven!
  3. Visit a DC Restaurant Week restaurant: I think I've only participated in restaurant week twice in my eight years of living here. Let's make this month year three!
  4. Go see a Kennedy Center show: The DC Kennedy Center has free shows every day (called the Millenium Stage). I used to go all the time but I got busy. I'm going to make time to get more cultured this month.
  5. Watch all Oscar-nominated films: The Academy Awards will be in February and they'll be announcing the nominees on the 14th. I will try to get through all of the ones nominated for best picture.
  6. Go ice-skating at the Sculpture Garden: Though this is a big DC tradition, I've yet to do it! For shame! I'll be sure to do it this year!
  7. Take a walk with a peppermint mocha from Starbucks: As tradition dictates :]
Thanks for reading!


  1. Great bucket list :) I might do the Oscar nominated films too, whats DC restaurant week? x

    1. DC Restaurant Week is a week where the restaurants in the area offer three course meals at a deal! It's usually around $22 or 35 depending on whether you're getting lunch or dinner and they're usually some of the best rated restaurants in town! The only reason I don't participate as often is because I usually can't eat an entire three course meal but I am certainly willing to try this year! :)

  2. I've been to a few restaurants on RWeek and it's great fun and fair prices all around!! I hope you get to experience all your bucket list items. They sound very attainable, I love it!

    -Stephanie Eva

  3. debby you are so cute.
    loved the post!
    i think watching all the oscar nominated films its a great idea!
    have a great start of the year!


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