Let's Get Organized: Workspace

My workspace is incredibly important to me and I'd wager that it's important to a lot of you guys out there as well. It's a personal space where you go to get your creative juices flowing - it's where brilliant ideas happen! Everyone's workspace is going to be different because everyone's work-necessities are different. Mindy Kaling wrote in her book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me that her real workspace is her bed. Many bloggers have rented office space. It's all different because it's all personal and what one person needs to get things done will be different from another person.
If you're like me, though, and you like having a desk and chair because working on your laptop from your bed makes you sleepy (anyone else?), here are some things to keep in mind to make sure your workspace is neat and organized:
  • Clear the clutter: When my desk is cluttered, my mind feels cluttered too. I always try to make sure to remove all unnecessary items from my desk before I start working from it. An easy way to clear everything off is if you make sure there's a place for all your essential items. That said...
  • Go easy on the knick-knacks: I like having a few "fun" items. My cow pen jar has been the crown jewel of my workspace since my college days! Remember, though, that this is supposed to be a place to get work done so if they're going to be a distraction, it may be best to put them away.  
  • Make room for white space: I always make sure that I have at least a small area of "nothing" - it makes it easier to place a document and sign it or what have you. It's also just generally a good idea to have an area for non-computer work because it'll help you organize the different types of work you need to get done on a daily basis
  • Reassess frequently: This sort of goes along with "clearing the clutter" but take time once a day or so to evaluate your space - do you really need to keep that stack of papers there? Is that desk toy really helping with your creativity or is it distracting you? If it doesn't need to be there, move it away!

Do you guys have any organization tips for keeping your workspace clean?


  1. Yessss, I love getting organized, and there's no time like the new year to do it!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. Clutter annoys me so much, I wont be able to work if my workspace isn't clean! xx


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  4. I have to have a dedicated place to work. I will get nothing done if I don't sit down somewhere that tells my mind its work time!


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