My Favorite Fictional Nerds

I am a nerd and a proud one! However, lately I have become defensive of the title. 
As the cool kids I personally know from high school realize the exciting benefits of nerd culture, I have begun to question their sincerity, given their pasts involving bullying nerds, myself among them. 
Of course, there are no qualifications to be a nerd and the community of nerds are often happy to include new people into our ranks. Additionally I am aware that there are many different types of nerds, from book nerds, gaming nerds, coffee nerds, art nerds, science nerds, space nerds, nerds who do magic, etc. It is almost impossible to list them all and perhaps I am little too defensive now that my own bullies are attempting to take up the role of the "cool nerd."
Regardless, as I contemplate the types of nerds that have found most intriguing and which I identify with the most, I find I am drawn to many fictional nerds. 
To me the following list exemplifies traits that I associate with nerd culture and our communities:
  1. Rory Gilmore (Gilmore Girls): Now here's a girl who had everything - supermodel good looks, a sharp wit, and brains enough to get to Yale! Whenever people ask "Can women truly have everything?" I point them in the direction of Rory Gilmore because to me, she had everything!
  2. Ben Wyatt (Parks and Rec): If Rory Gilmore is the person I wanted to be, Ben Wyatt is the person I am/want to marry! He is perhaps not the most conventionally attractive person out there, but he tries hard and works for progress and change. He has his super nerd moments (he's a Game of Thrones fan) but he's always looking to help people while maintaining a level head. 
  3. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter series): Now here's a nerd everyone loves! Our favorite witch, Hermione! She was the first accurate nerd I'd ever encountered and I loved it! I mean, come on, if you went to magic school, would you not want to study hard and ace all your tests? Not to mention she was against forced indentured servitude of house elves (S.P.E.W. was most certainly a progressive movement) and was a Prefect! #nerdgoals
  4. Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory): I guess I'm doing opposites in pairs because I would say the opposite of Hermione is Sheldon! Sheldon is a very unrealistic character yet an endearingly funny one! While Hermione tries to further social justice causes, Sheldon is a researcher, a theoretical physicist to be exact. He has no real interest outside of science and comic books. In fact, just getting him to go outside and date a woman was such an ordeal!
Who are some of your favorite fictional nerds? 


  1. My favorite nerds are Doc Brown, Rory Williams, Sherlock, Liz Lemon, Peter Parker, and the Doctor.

  2. Hermione for sure, I think as a character she rounds out the trio very well, and of course the fact that she's a girl is awesome. Sheldon too, although I know what you mean by his unrealistic-ness. If he were real, I think he'd drive me nuts!

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