Product Review: Clinique's Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel

I was incredibly fortunate to not have had to struggle with acne as a teenager. I am, however unfortunate to have had to suffer breakouts as an adult.
I actually remember getting my first pimple when I was 22 and I had no idea what was happening to me. Luckily, my friends assured me that this was normal too (adult acne is a real thing) and while I don't suffer from chronic acne, I do get the occasional spot here and there. There was a week a few months back when I was incredibly exhausted and stressed out from work and I had two very painful pimples on my forehead that just wouldn't go away. I turned to Sephora where the sales associate referred me to Clinique's Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel (that is a mouthful). I've used it for a few months now and here's what I've found to be true about it:
Packaging: I initially thought the packaging was boring and average but I actually grew quite fond of the simplicity of it after a while. I also like that there's a kind of extra turn you can do to make sure you know the lid is fully closed so as to lessen the likelihood of an accidental spillage. 4/5
Formula: Well, the packaging is probably the only thing about I really liked considering that the formula did absolutely nothing for me!  It had a strong smell and it stung quite a bit when I applied the gel. I figured that was how I could tell it was working. Unfortunately, it didn't make my spots smaller or do anything. I might as well have rubbed water on my breakouts for all the good it would have done. At least water doesn't smell so strongly of chemicals, nor does it sting. I did notice my skin around the area I applied the gel would feel drier which is unfortunate because I have very dry skin to begin with. I reckon that the gel attempts to dry the pimple out. Unfortunately, my breakouts happen to occur because my skin is already dry so my skin overproduces oil in some parts to compensate (according to my dermatologist). For the record, I did apply the gel at nights and I applied it under makeup once. I don't know what I expected when I wore it under makeup (considering it's a gel after all) but the gel part started to peel, making the concealer I applied over it flake. How embarrassing! 1/5
Price: I paid $26 and considering how it didn't work out for me at all, I think it was way overpriced. There's justification for it. 1/5

I read reviews of this online and I do know that this product works for some people out there, particularly those who have oily skin. If that's the case for you, maybe try a sample of this but otherwise, I just can't in good conscience recommend this product for anyone, especially for fellow dry-skinned people out there. It's such a shame because I actually really love Clinique products and I really wanted to like this too. I guess this one was a huge miss for me. 


  1. I found the same when I tried this, it didn't actually do anything for my spots! Disappointing as I love Clinique.

    Helen xx

  2. Great review! I love Clincique's stuff. I do have chronic acne and I found that seeing a dermatologist was the best option for me, since acne specific products only irritate my acne. I got a prescription and started using Clincique's 3 step line for combination skin. I've since moved on to a different skincare routine, but I am very grateful that Clinique helped me learn how to take care of my skin.

  3. Shame it doesn't work for you! We have something similar in the Clinique range here and it works great overnight but I agree you can't wear it during the day as it's a gel. I've misplaced my one, but it's like a little tube you squeeze. I think it has a slightly different name too. Luckily it doesn't matter that I can't find it as this pregnancy seems to be being rather kind to my skin for once haha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. thanks for the review, i sometimes have acne
    so i ve been always trying to find a good product.
    i will avoid this one, just in case haha


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