Repeat Stuff | Leather Leggings and Tall Boots

Wonderful Wednesday everyone!
These leggings are back! Actually, almost everything about this outfit has been work together in some way before! I've worn these boots with this sweater and bag before here. The coat, however, is new - I found it at H&M for half off! I think it's good to keep clothes on repeat. I know not all of us have an unlimited budget for clothes and we're not constantly buying new things. My roommate and I were talking about some of her blogger pet-peeves and she told me she was turned off by bloggers whose lives revolve around their blog instead of their blog revolving around their lives. It's a good point and one I'm certainly trying to be more mindful of and if that means repeating outfits on the blog (because that's what I do in real life), so be it. 

Thanks for reading!

Top: Forever 21 sweater (similar here), H&M coat
Bottoms: Forever 21 leggings (similar by Joe Fresh)
Accessories: LOFT sunglasses, Zara bag
Shoes: Forever 21 (similar here)


  1. Stunning photos! Gorgeous post :)

  2. Absolutely love how you styled these leggings! Such a staple piece!

  3. This outfit is so chic! I am swooning over those OTK boots! Gorgeous!

    Something About That

  4. I wanted to get the Forever21 boots but nope...i was not lucky enough to find my size ! They are AMAZING!!!!

  5. I love those tall boots! And they look so perfect with that sweater :)


  6. I feel like I say this on like every other one of your outfits, but this might be my favorite! Love the boots mixed with the knit sweater!

  7. Your roommate summed up my feelings on bloggers perfectly! To be honest I have stopped reading many blogs after they start becoming full time bloggers because there's a dramatic shift in content. Anyways, I'm loving the slight alterations to this look :) The h&m coat was a great winter sale pick!



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